Daniel Williams, MD in Benin Africa, where he got his start.

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Hello. My name is Daniel Williams, MD, seen here in the right. I first got interested in medicine in Benin, Africa in 1997 after participating in a vaccination mission with the U.S. Army. I have since been honorably discharged, graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler with honors in Biology.

Upon graduation from medical school at U.T. Houston, I received the Bronze Award from the Outreach Committee for advancing the goals of the admissions process. This is significant because I wasn’t a class officer, but was recognized for my countless hours spent in making the admissions and matriculation process more bearable for the new students.

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Outreach award from medical school

I have not forgotten my roots. Donations to MedicalMastery.com are given to various charities in the world, based upon the Great Commission model. I have been given the gift of faith in Jesus Christ and this web site venture allows me to utilize most of my talents in one place, as well as stay sharp academically.

If I can help you in the medical school admissions process or cope with the stress of medical school or physician life, feel free to contact me. I will help any way I can.

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The Great Commission

Take care of…

• the poor in spirit – http://www.overcomers.org/
• orphans – http://www.warmblankets.org/
• widows – http://www.widows.org/
• the impoverished – http://www.bmchouston.org/
• those in chains – http://www.ifiprison.org/
• the blind – http://www.blindmission.org/
• the hungry – http://www.secondmile.org/
• the thirsty – http://www.mysugarcreek.net/lovelead/missions/samaria.aspx
• the naked – http://www.secondmile.org/
• the homeless – http://www.habitat.org/
• the sick – http://www.maf.org/
• the least of these – http://www.imb.org/main/default.asp

Make disciples of all nations – http://www.imb.org/main/default.asp

Teach nations to obey – http://www.imb.org/main/default.asp

Translate bibles – http://www.ethnicharvest.org/bibles/


Wounded warriors – https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

USO – http://uso.org/