MCAT Score Release

Your heart is pounding.

Thoughts are racing through your head about how you life will change if you get accepted into medical school.

You check your email and there it is, your MCAT score – in black and white.

Your MCAT Score

If it is over 30, you should be happy. If not, you have cause for concern.

Either way, most people worry about their score being too low – even if it is way above average?


Because the MCAT Score isn’t your goal! Getting into medical school isn’t even your goal.

My students know well that it is a fulfilling career in medicine that is the goal and all of the hurdles are only that – hurdles.


Just like the rest of us, you don’t usually let yourself relax and celebrate a good MCAT score. You immediately launch into a vigorous course of action towards your next step – applying to medical school.