Episode 18: Over 6 years of Pre-Med Advising put online in one place! Doctor Dan organizes all of it and thoroughly describes how you can use this information to gain advantage over your competition.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

Ever feel lost in the Pre-Med grind, not knowing what to do next?

Have specific questions about the medical education process and get mixed answers all over the web that leave you feeling more confused and alone?

Chances are one of the hundreds of people I’ve coached since 2004 have asked me the same questions!

This podcast explores my new website’s organization. It will be released soon, don’t worry – and you can join for only $12 ! (UPDATE: it’s released here –> Medical Support Community).

I took all of the how-to video tutorials, email questions and survey responses and organized them all into the 15 Sections below.

The only way to access this information is on the new site: http://medical-mastermind-community.com/podcast/speed-reading-for-medical-school

1 Getting Started

•    Overview of the medical education process
•    16 Step PreMed Guide
•    Daniel Williams’ story
•    Importance of journaling
•    SAMPLE interview journal
•    The medical education process
•    What med school is really like

2 Premedical Decision Making

•    Admission requirements
•    Canadian med student career choices
•    Deciding on a career in medicine
•    ECFMG certification fact sheet
•    ECFMG information booklet
•    Four reasons to avoid medical school
•    Med school affects undergrad choices
•    Seven osteopathic competencies
•    UK med student career choices
•    US med student career choices
•    Admission rates
•    Admission requirements
•    Deciding on a career in medicine
•    Four reasons to avoid medical school
•    Osteopathic medical training

3 Organizing Your Experiences

•    Address label templates
•    Checklist for getting organized
•    Email accounts
•    Legal documents
•    Master application binder
•    References
•    Transcript checklist
•    Transcript request template
•    Work history template

4 Building Character Into Physician Training

•    Arrogant doctors hurt patients
•    I DON’T KNOW – The three most important words in medical education
•    Six habits of highly respectful physicians
•    Words as scalpels
•    Ethics
•    Euthenasia
•    Human subjects research training
•    Medical futility
•    Neurenberg
•    Suicide
•    Ethics Movement
•    Tarasoff case
•    Becoming the genuine article

5 Components of the Application

•    Academic honors
•    SAMPLE Application summary sheet
•    Certifications
•    Extracurricular activities
•    Letters of recommendation
•    Composing a letter of recommendation that captures the applicant as an individual
•    Dr Williams’ medical school application
•    Military experience
•    Research
•    Research commentary
•    Student organizations
•    Volunteer activities
•    Letters of recommendation

6 Writing Your Memorable Application

•    Checklist for the personal essay
•    How to write personal essays
•    SAMPLE personal essay
•    Practice vision essay
•    SAMPLE research description
•    SAMPLE MD PhD interest letter
•    SAMPLE Secondary application questions
•    Packaging your story
•    Essay tips

7 Choosing Your Top Medical Schools

•    100 years after the Flexner report
•    Admissions – insider report
•    Allopathic medical school – US and Canada
•    Caribbean medical schools
•    Feedback in clinical medical education
•    Hot topics in medical education
•    Impact of formal continuing medical education
•    Learner-centered approaches in medical education
•    Osteopathic medical schools
•    Systematic review of physician performance
•    Teaching evidence based medicine
•    Osteopathic physicians – are they different?

8 Counting the Costs

•    Financial assistance checklist
•    Debt is not all created equal
•    Financial assistance
•    Burnout interview question
•    Financial aid in medical school

9 Grades

•    AMCAS’ GPA calculation
•    GPA calculator
•    The perfect GPA
•    The perfect GPA

10 Sizing up the Competition

•    50 listener questions – the power of exploiting your competition
•    Checklist for exploiting your competition
•    50 frequently asked questions
•    Survival strategies

11 How to Study

•    MCAT study method
•    MCAT – special report
•    Checklist for maximizing your study methodology
•    Exam strategies Part A
•    Exam strategies Part B
•    Speed reading system
•    5 Step study method
•    5 Step study method

12 Personalized Progress Feedback

•    Custom progress feedback

13 After Your Medical School Application

•    Having a successful interview
•    Interview topics
•    SAMPLE UT Houston interview letter
•    Program results by specialty
•    Residency considerations
•    Insider match application and ranking system
•    Changes in the match system

14 Maintaining Your Edge

•    Foxmarks Bookmarks tool for organization
•    iGoogle tutorial
•    Time management

15 Study Materials

•    Modern Medical Scrolls – 1275 pages of medical student notes
•    Study Notes Video
Medical College Admissions Test:
•    14 Biochemistry documents
•    1 Evolutionary document
•    15 General Chemistry documents
•    8 Pathophysiology documents
•    4 Physics documents
United States Medical Licensing Examination
•    Bonus USMLE document

Must have a free account with Academic Medicine, the journal of the AAMC, to view: http://journals.lww.com/academicmedicine/Fulltext/2001/10000/America_s_Best_Medical_Schools__A_Critique_of_the.5.aspx