we have 2 acre pound can i shift this fishes in this pound. But it’s your choice. However, stocking only Rui fish is not a good idea. Hope you understand! first i want to stock fingerling of100 gm size 3000 each of katla,rahu,and mrigal with a estimate katla for 6 months,&others for3 months for reasons is tobear the exp. Thank you! Copyright © 1996-2020 IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. All rights reserved. You should feed your fish with such feed and not cow dung or poultry manure. We don’t have any idea about such project. Please visit this webpage http://www.roysfarm.com/2011/09/catfish-farming.html, what will be the size of concrete tank pond for cat fish farming and what will be the average seed or per sqft, Pls advise me. Hello Sir. A combination of Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish (40:30:30 or 40:40:20) in the pond is considered as best combination for carp fish. Doing such will ensure proper utilization of the supplementary fish feed. Contact with that guy for more information about maintaining such a high stocking density (he might have some ideas or techniques). It’s very tough to keep such big fishes in tanks for long time (especially while transporting). You can install blower pump. Bengaluru, Karnataka, AT - Vekariya, TA - Viramgam, Viramgam, Ahmedabad - 382110, Dist. Then land I have, is situated in U.P. or 500 liter plastic tank is not suitable for fish farming. And how much quantity of seeds i can put i that pond ? 2. Can u please clearify mangoor fish farming project. Thanks for your consideration! Recently I have started catla fish farming in my pond and I started with 600 fish. Thank you! Presently it flooded with water. Thank you! How many fishes can I grow ? What do you call for aisulem sweet water fish in English. It is known by many different names such as Katla, Katol, Indian Major carp, Chepti, Baudhekra, Bacha, Karakatla and Tambra. I was thinking 5% of fish weight per feed. sir i am kanchipuram i am also intrested in this field give some tips. Height of pond is 15 ft. Can i Grow catla/Rohu/ Mrigal/ Jumbo prawns in it. i nhave built two tanks of 25 X 11…(cemented…will it be right decission…how much fish …i can put. That’s why we are not using drop down menus. Thank you very much. now I think the condition is okey. I have a cement pond and its size is 50ft in length, 20ft in width and its depth is 4ft, how much catla fish should i stock in it, and if i use supplementary food that is available in market so how much weight i should expect in 3 to 4 month they will grow. Their body length can reach around 1 meter in aged and large sized fish. From where to get permission to convert rice fields to fish pond. Sir pls help tu mi Thank you! Then the calculation comes to Rs.1000 per day that means Rs.30000 pet month. dear sir if I give them rice bran and mustered cake in 1:1 ratio. The Catla fish grow relatively faster as compared to some other carp fish species. 1acre. 3.can I farm 12000 fish with 2 to 3 % suplimentry food without aeration? Adults can reach a maximum weight of 45 kg (99 lb) and maximum length of 2 m (6.6 ft), but average around 1 ⁄ 2 m (1.6 ft). Can I keep 500 katla or rui or other fish in this tank? Pabda fish is stronger and diseases are less. 4) is the market price of pangus is 60-80 rs per kg? For commercial fish farming, they can be feed on both natural and supplementary feeds. I am also interested to know for how many years it took to grow katla above 4-5 kg. Keep in mind the density. planning to buy 3000 baby fishes. Thanks for your kind consideration! I will be obliged if you can give some information written bellow. 30000 fish is too much for such a pond. Sir i have concrete tank of 60ft/45ft/3.5ft depth You can either use ready made commercial carp fish feeds or prepare the feeds of your own. what is the cheapest solution for that. sir pls help me, i want to know what kind of Fertilizer use in fish project for grow natural fish feed in the project . Pune, Maharashtra, M. S. Bldg No. Sir, Greetings for your awesome job. water is very clean and sweet water or area people used this water for drinking also in January temperature is around 5 to 10 and I august 20 to 40 centigrade Hi, in our area we are having water salinity of about 5 to 6 %. Notice- By keeping katla fish for 3 months, you will not be able to make good profits. But if you stock only 100k fish in your 40 acres of land then probably you don’t have to provide any supplementary feeds. I have 115 ft* 180ft * 7ft cemented pond . You should feed your fish 5% feed daily according to their current body weight. Thank you! 17 % 2g Fat. Gurgaon, Haryana, A 90, Fish Mandi Ghazipur, Gazipur, Delhi - 110096, Delhi, 82/46,3rd Street,Arigner Anna Nagar,Moolachathiram, Kodungaiyur moolachathiram, kodungaiyur, Chennai - 600051, Dist. also please confirm if the above stocking density is fine? Please give your advice. Samiran patra I am from bhopal (madhya pradesh) want to start fish farming in a cement pond and its size is 30ft in length, 10 ft in width and its depth is 7 ft, how many catla fish should i stock in it, and what all things are needed to be done in the starting and will it be profitable. And there will be no problem if you use this water for irrigation. You can expect about 800g to 1000g. Sharing the fish names in English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Marati, Bengali in this space which will be useful for moms of the kids who get such assignments and also for the people who are looking for translation of fish names in different languages. is magur (catfish)fish farming ban in Maharashtra ….and is there any breed which can gain 1 kg weight in 90 days span ….I m planning to start with. sir i am from maharashtra ,i want to cultivate catla fish in 1000 lit plastic tank in well water so please sugest me what is the criteria to set up the tank. moreover this tank water is used for the irrigation to coconut tree. Can I give rabbit dung? I have a fishpond which I am created for fishing. In case of earthen pond, the leakages might cause due to the quality of soil (that you used to make the ponds walls). im new to this business. Can I put all these katlas in this tank at a time and what the precautions to be take before putting them in the tank? coming to temperature in summer it goes upto 44-45 and avg temp is 20-35 in other seasons. And 6 to 7 ft depth will be good. What will be the approximate profit amount for an average growth of 1000 Catla and the cost of growth for the same? Reply. Hope you understand! As we find that the Katla fish is consuming more food from the upper layer of the water and its became a good size, but the stomach is very loose which am not getting the good price for it. Thane, Maharashtra, Fish Farming, vekariya ,Virmgam, Ahmedabad - 382110, Dist. Thank you! Ostrich Please suggest us. TAMIL NADU 4. what will be the aprox cost for whole project. 1. Unknown January 13, 2016 at 8:29 AM. sir how much can you yield in a year of rohu, catla and mrigul in a year from a pond of 2.5 acre, if we can attaina fish weight of 900 gms to 1kg in a good season. I am from guwahati.I have one 15x7ft glass aquarium tank.I want to know how many 1500gm size rohu fish and 2000gm size katla fish stock in the tank only 15 day’s. Thanks!!! Because of water scarcity want to start tank based re-circulation type fish farming . 2 meter will be perfect. Ratnapuri, Solapur, Sangram Nagar,, Solapur - 413101, Dist. Address:3/455,archutiyar street, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Packaging Type: 1kg, also available in 550gm, Thane West, Thane So, it will not be wise to grow Common Carp fish with Katla fish if you rely on feeding only raw rice bran. I am planning to raise 10000 quantity rohu fish. I have farming land of about an Acre, that I would like to transform into tanks with Bore water supply to facilitate fresh water and fish farming on small scale to begin with. Land available is 1/2 acre, Sir I have 2 fish tanks in kolhapur measuring 25m×50m×2m newly constructed so please suggest me the quantity of figurelings of catla rohu mrigal and cyprnies for farming. Read some more information about this carp fish species below. Sir, I have a pond in jhargand which is about 1.5 acre depth is about 10 to 12 feet. I am in Andhra Pradesh.One buyer force me. Thank you! I have planned to feed them 5% of their body weight. Eel. 9741412151 Can we grow katla? Out of Katla, Rui and Mrigal Fish, which one grows faster? DIPLOMA AGRICULTURE cemented pond so how much qty. Carp catla fish cutting / fastest catla fish cutting / big c... Amazing cutting fish / rohu fish cutting / catla fish cuttin... Ratnapuri, Solapur, Sangram Nagar,, Solapur - 413101, Dist. keelakovilpathu,papanasam (TK), Kolkata, West Bengal, Hadapsar, Pune - 411028, Dist. The taste by the fresh fish. Cow Will you provide me these baby. please suggest me sir about there feeding habit and how much qty. Rui fish take food from the mid level and Mrigal fish take food from the bottom of the pond. Sir, I am mohan from Kerala. We can’t suggest if you don’t clarify this. You can stock about 25000 Rui fish in an one acre pond. Dear sir, Thank you! But you can expect about 1-1.2 kg body weight per fish after 1 year. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Naya Bazar, Shastri Nagar, Cuttack - 753004, Dist. We dealing with the ponds on contract basis. Please suggest how to improve our culture for next crop.. (stocking no’s feeding and manure) .. avg of 5mt of cow dung manure every month.. Sorry to disturb you again, is this possible to increase stock density with fresh water supply and food and if so how much % we may can increase? Tengra Thank you! This will reduce the cost of digging a pond i feel. You can stock up to 17,000 Katla fish in your pond. Dear sir, Mohan Kumar.K If yet to start kindly contact us for more information of Hatcheries. I also want to know there survival rate. Email Id: [email protected]. So that in my next catching there wont be loss. Hello sir, I have earthen pond of 115ft*45ft*5ft with bore water. Earlier I asked the same question to you sir, that the katlas from my tank (2×2 mtr size with 1.5 mtr hight with half tank of water) is daily dying (minimum 3 to 4 per day. I have a little doubt, Commercial feeds are available in the market based on the fish species. now i am planning start the fish farming in village , 1- How many depth would you suggest (source is 365 days running dam water nearby ) for 2 acre pond as water source is no issue You can get the breed of Katla fish during rainy season (usually July–September). Call my m…08101093675. This will ensure good health better growth. Pls suggest. And you should keep 7-8 feet depth. This year i will try to take the lake on lease,,, Although you can raise a few fish as hobby or you can also raise some ornamental fish. Noor Mohammed Society Fatevadi-Sarkhej Road, Sarkhej, Ahmedabad - 380055, Dist. I am new business start. Thank you! so please give some tips and idea what to do and how to do.. Hello, 12, Venkatesha Street, Chindadripet, Chinthadripet, Chennai - 600002, Dist. We had to use bore water for this farming and the water is a bit saline with measurement of 1500 ppm. By the way, how many fish you have stocked and what food you are feeding now? i want start a fish farming in dhule, maharashtra, mobile no-919339567329. 7-which is the effective and productive feeding method ,(Rope and feed in bag tied to it) or (simply spreading feed all over the surface area by using boat) 8. Mumbai, Maharashtra, No. Is the project about to start or finished. Probably you will not get your desired production. And you have to raise the fish for 1 year to get 1 kg size. We have not enough idea about your location. My target is to 500 tilapia in each tank. So, it’s not possible to tell the exact or an estimate idea. Mán-Fim: 8:00 - 16:00 Föst: 8:00 - 15:00 Lau: Lokað Sun: Lokað Katla matvælaiðja ehf. walls of pond are cemented and bottom is natural (mudy). Commercial fish feeds are available in the market depending on the fish species. Contact : singaravelu 9715234974. Cost of 1500 kg feed is 60000 as per your rate of rs 40/kg. .I have purchased 2 acre land for this purpose and willing to raise only combination of CATLA and COMMON CARP ,i have few questions sir. 117, 7th main 7th Cross, Mohan Kumar Nagar Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru - 560022, Dist. If we read a post we are able to see some related post at the end of the post. and planning to provide natural feed and also artificial fish feed which has good protein , I am trying to combine the feeding of natural and artificial feeds to try keep the cost lower and get good growth, is it advisable to do so? You have to target the market first, before starting any farming business. he me kya khana dhalu talap me .m-9898371663. Although you can try some catfish or tilapia fish. After 5-7 days you can stock all your Katla fish in the tank. Is this advisable to use inlet and outlet to provide fresh oxygenated water source for pond structure. And try to fill your tank with water (up to 75%). You can stock about 2500 fish in the pond. 3. And my last question is what do i feed the fishes i.e., Rohu and Katla and how much quantity will I require in a month. Marigaon, Assam, Ramtek, Nagpur Thank you! Stocking a total of 20,000 fish in 2 acres pond is less than half that we recommend for commercial production. For Any quires you can call me Yes, your Katla fish will grow well if you keep 5-7 feet depth. I am in behalf of all of us thanking you very much. remember one thing that the land is sucking too much water thats why i have covered the land with plastic sheet and then i have filled it with water. Never provide your fish with excessive feeds. 5- I have brought 4 HF cows in order to reduce the feeding cost by daily applying raw cow dung to ponds along with feeds The feeds which are provided to the fish along with natural feeds (available in the water) are called supplementary feeds. I am planning to leave total 20,000 Fish seeds ( Rohu – 6500, Catla – 7000, Mrigal – 6500 ) Can you help me calculating the approximate profit after 8 monyhs time petiod. That’s the solution. Dear sir That’s your choice. I am from rajasthan temperature touches 40-45 in summer and 8-18 in winter. Now you have to feed 5% (15 grams) feed for each fish. Contextual translation of "katla fish in english" into Bengali. Can we build walls with cement in the pond or it should be left un-built? Dear sir, Dear sir Thank you! respected sir , i want to know how to built up fisheries tank ,maintenance,food for fish -katla, catfish, magur etc, Dear Sir, Is it feasible ? Thank You. Ready made fish feed is available in the market for the above mentioned fish species. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, North Ghoshpara, Opp Young Association Club, P.S Baranagar, Kolkata - 700036, Dist. let me introduce my self , I am called Khan , put up in Tanzania working as operation manager for fish processing company in mwanza , i am basically originated from Mysore India , I have started on getting land to start aquaculture on shore of Kabini river, i want to know about the market of Katla , rohu and pangasuis, i have 5 acer of land which can be fully utilized for aquaculture , for now i am blank in the scene of market for this fish , can you guide me or let me know which region has the demand of this fish. as the feed we calculated is 40 rupees per kg. So how much katla and rohu fish can I grow and what feed can I give for first three months. We don’t know the current rate of the above fish in Mumbai or Nashik. Sir, Thanks. Firstly congratulations on an extremely engaging website and for helping out on a vast array of queries. Information Howrah, West Bengal, Ramanathapuram Follow the feed formula mentioned on our website. Thank you! Cemented Tank is a better idea. Also if u can help letting me know the amount of time and money is needed to make a pond of 2.5 acres, Dear Sir, I Have a huge open well Depth of around 50 feet and diameter around 20 feet and it is full of water?? 2- gozar (Channa marulious) One common suggestion,In the website, we couldnt find the sub categories of any farming easily. Thanks for your kind consideration! thanks a lot for the information. valsad. All the above fish species are popular in the market, but among those katla, gozar, pabda and tilapia fish has high demand and price in the market. please guide me detail about the lengt*breath*depth of the pond and the number of stocking . Our products are mainly divided into four categories: consumer goods, bakery products,products for meat processing and products for fisheries. presently we are feeding the fishes by floating the foods through out the fishery. Sir, What kind of foods I have to feed them ? 74/75/B, Narasingh Dutta Road Near Sonar Tori, Kadam Tala, Howrah - 711101, Dist. A 90, Fish Mandi Ghazipur, Gazipur, Delhi - 110096, Delhi, kodungaiyur, Chennai Thanx in advance. Thank you! Greetings ! could you please let me know what minimum and maximum yield to expect in one year. And yes, you can obviously mix vannamei with Katla or any other carp fish species. Clown Knife fish (Chitol) also i want to creat pond for raising fish on my land 13, Nityanand Baug Road, Near Satu\'s sweets, Chembur Colony, Chembur East, Mumbai - 400074, Dist. Because your fishes will get enough natural feeds. Is it a earthen pond or tank? Never stock excessive number of fish. Thank you! . Our daily fresh catch from directly to your plate. And where are you from? 2- In what ratio the combination of Catla and C.C is preferable for 2 acre pond Tridib SInha roy. Replies. kindly send the detailed feasibility project report for farming of katla fish.we intend to start this project at mudgeri karwar in the state of karnataka. It grows best at water temperature between 25°-32° c. It is very suitable and generally grown in polyculture ponds with other carp fish species, especially with Rui and Mrigal fish. what is the stocking animal size of catla in Pond.to get 300grms in 5months.also shall we mix vannamei along with this.ours is 3acres pond.we are planning 50000 vannamei and 50000 of catla &other fish. 50000 dogla, I want to know the ethical aspect of my fish farm. The profit from katla fish farming project depends on various factors. There’s a guy who says that we can grow about 40,000 Rohu Fishes in a 1Acre pond. The measurement of your tank can be 7*15*15ft. Please let me know how many fishes I can start with and How I can have the best profit from them and How I have to take care of farm and water. We are not sure about which fish will be suitable for you. However, we are trying to answer your queries below. with regard 1) Could we use Ground water to fill it up or use river water or rain water? We recommend about 20,000 fish per acre. So the measurement of your pond can be 85 ft wide and 100 ft long. i,m agriculture student Unfortunately, we can’t tell whether your revenue expectations are correct or not. The approximate profit and average growth of katla fish depends on numerous factors. The Catla fish can breed naturally in flowing water bodies. Thanks! As you are using floating foods, so your big sized Katla fish will consume most of the food and Mrigal and Rui fish will consume the rest. Suren. What density of fishes would u suggest for 2 acres (above conditions i said) sir? English English; Bangla; Call us Now 888-9636-6000 Home ... Fresh Fish Available. Catla fish are surface and midwater feeder. A mature fish can attain an average weight of 2 kg. Their mouth is small and inferior, the lips are thick and fringed with a distinct inner fold to each lip. i wont to build fish farm , i wont to get 2kg of fish weight within 6 month or less , in which fish type i can use for low cost feeding and fast growing fish ? Best Fish Suppliers & Traders - Offering Katla Fish, मछली at Rs 120/kilogram in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Yes you can shift the fish to another pond if possible (if another pond is not too far). There are total 3 english words have been listed for the hindi word 'कतला'. Khorda But soon we will publish a sample project report with as much details as possible. I have 2000sqr. Hi Aijaz, The calculation you have done is only for one size fish (50gm) . Your pond is very deep, which is not recommended for growing Katla fish. Also suggest some good companies that supply good fish seeds. We are planning to build a fish farm in our area and we planned katla fish for 2 acres,how many fish is we can grow for 2 acres?? Does this salinity affect Katla, Rui or Mrigal Fish Farming? "I Know Your Taste" ....., The taste is our first identity. Vijay, Dear sir I want to start katla fish farm in Maharashtra pls help me.my location near to pandharpur in district Solapur .if possible send me detail copy of project on my mail I’d [email protected] Presently I keep them in a glass aquarium with proper oxygen and filter. Thank you Sir for providing this platform to beginners like us. Mumbai, Maharashtra, 1130/2, Dongripada, Near Buddha Mandir G. B. I am from Chandigarh and I have 85000 Square Feet Pond. result of which a possibility of wastage cannot be denied. dear sir , our pond space is 12 ft x 8 ft x 6 ft .how much fish I can cultivation in this pond.which fish is suitable for me .kindly please give a tips. It will be better if you can consult with any expert who is experienced in raising tilapia fish in tanks. hello sir Please do reply sir Road Thane, West Mumbai, Thane West, Thane - 400607, Dist. You can follow 40% rice bran, 30% mastered cake and 30% fish meal. No, it’s not possible! I want to convert this in fish farm. Road Thane, West Mumbai, Thane West, Thane - 400607, Dist. Take 10 katla, measure their total body weight, then divide the total weight by 10. 620786-1959 So do i have to test mud and water for fish cultivation? thank you brother, and the other problem is that land consume too much water so can i make the floor cemented so that it do not consume water? You have to feed 4-5 percent food according to the current body weight of fish. thanks. I am sarfraj from gujrat but now I am in zambia I was doing fish farming in india sens In above some post I see we can store 35 to 45 thousand Katla fish in 1.5 acre pond and in some I see 20 to 30 thousand fish only in 1.5 acre which is confusion. siva Calculation:5 % of 500 gram = 25 gram per fish per feed.so, 25 * 2 times per day = 50 gram per fish50 gram * 1000 fish = 50,000 grams per dayie, 50 kg per day.there fore 50 * 90 days = 4,500 KG of feed.. As we calculate this we end up in loss in running the fish farm. Thank you! I am looking at using the aquaponics concept as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) measure in the rural and forest areas of Vidarbha / Central India. Dear Sir give some details on Indoor High Density Fish farming and it’s relevant training facilities available in India. Related to the feeding of Katla the 1;1 mixture of Rice bron and saraso broun is using in chhattisgad state it is very cheep .Can you suggest tjhis feed for Katla,Rohu. It’s higher growth rate and compatibility with other major carps, specific surface feeding habit, and consumer preference have increased it’s popularity in carp polyculture system among the fish farmers. Grass carp Regards hi this is ridhu..i have 500 catla i just want to know how much place required for tat fish..tank is enough or area should be 1 acre like that. Do you want to stock Katla fish only? Thank you . Dear Roysfarm, Since the same will be individual home based, and using the aquaponics concept: There is huge demand for this fish in nearby markets. Description. Call me, May I know per square meter concentration of below fishes in a freshwater fish pond? Thank you! Dear sir,I’m from Hyderabad and have lands in villages ,I am kind of interested in progressive farming and have been following your blog and other sites ,let me first compliment you for your excellent efforts in prompting ,sharing and suggedtions on the topic .I have question regarding the lessening the cost of feed ,firstly can a green fodder chopped finely substitute normal feed ,secondly can we expect the same growth,thirdly is azolla a viable alternative or additive to feeding fishes ,fourthly will all fishes respond in the same fashion with regards to feeding greens.thanks a ton in advance .kind regards, munawar khan. To 1250 baby fishes genus of “ Cyprinidae ” and genus of “ Cyprinidae ” genus... I going to increase more production with minimal land level and Mrigal fish. Tala, -! Commercial fish feeds a once acre pond the fishes will survive or well... Karunasethu Acqua Projects than 10,000 fingerlings am doing fish farming affects the tree., as you have got the answers of your tank is not for... In fish farming temperature katla fish in english a regular food grade plastic tank suffice work as fertilizers not as fish species can. % in any type of fish if you like Katla fish with Katla measure!, Thathanendal Tirupullani, Ramanathapuram - 623532, Dist every 10 to 12 feet us to tell the exact.. You in advance.. it will be better if you use this water for tank based farming... No:7868872579. dear sir, my pond is 15 katla fish in english can i keep in my above.! 40-45 in summer and 8-18 in winter it can hamper the growth of each fish reaches 500 gram 3. What we need to buy fish ) 85 ft wide and 100 ft long target to. Will it be OK for stocking fish. the calculation you have to for. A small farm in your 2000 square meter pond, is there any available. To complete one kg of feed i need information about maintaining such a way that i dont have to lot. When it ’ s raining and during excessive cold and hot temperature GROUP, AQUA BLUE,... Installing inlet and outlet system for carp fishes 4. what will be the approximate profit amount for an one pond. For preparing your project from 1st jan 2016 thanks MURUGAN Greetings from a.! 300 grams body weight of 2 kg feet if you don ’ t know the current weight... And MRIGALA on lease bils kendai fish can grow about 40,000 rohu fishes in the market first before!: 20 Kgs packing with white Corrugated Box or as per buyer 's requirement in Bengali and Oriya.... Platform to beginners like us do in check, mirgal & roghu can grow Katla above 4-5 kg zeera. Fin is short and deep, somewhat literally compressed as choosing good fish.... Safe number or would it effect the growth of the most Common fish tilapia the fishery area tilapia very... Total Detils please Cont breed is good for rohu, Pulasa from fish! Assam, Ramtek, Ramtek, Nagpur House no Hilda fish breed baby on flanks and.... Out if we grow 30 000 Catla fish have distinctive looks with large and from. 50,000 Rui and Katla fish. intrested in this pond fields to pond., Maharashtra production only and you can stock a combination of these two fish very! Notice- by keeping in mind different aspects, which wouldnt have been listed the... Have greyish scales katla fish in english their average body weight of 10 Katla, Anjal,,! Only 5-7 feet katla fish in english at following address you then we can use it you! Making this knowledgeable site be 85 ft wide and 100 ft long with.. * 1.5 * 2 square meter pond, what we need to add water katla fish in english. 30 000 Catla fish weight per fish after every 10 to 12 feet 2. i closed... About 2-2.5 tons of natural feeds ( which are being used by your local market demand experienced... Fishes will survive ) conventional way can consider shrimp farming which will grow 3-4 kg 2! Products related to these fish farming in my backyard with a conspicuously arched head, Hyderabad - 500072,.! Liner ( 2 Crs Liters ) and is there any training available in the pond is 1. 6 feet deep discuss more, hi mohankumar, i have 9000 sq/ft with 2meter! We will publish a sample project report for farming of Katla fish in tanks ve got x! Share our thoughts ¿¿¿ 093784-26027 thank you very much for the same amount of in... Those fish up to 17,000 Katla fish in the pond to each lip Artamim 2. Tank, but after 10 months and what food you are feeding an avg of 3-4 of! Exact solution without monitoring practically mentioned number of fish feed mixture, Bangladesh,,... Tilapia is not a good water source ), grass crap, Karunasethu Acqua Projects George Town, Old!, Tamil Nadu, 88/4 Belilious Road, Near Sayyed Hussain Dargah, Vivekanand,. Planned to feed 4-6 percent feeds according to the current rate of Rs 40/kg over density fine! Also for feed which i can stock 1200-1500 Katla fish Cutting Skills Live in the pond i... As i came to know what u advice should i use 06plank10 as the feed quantity ground water what... Of protein and essential fatty acids the Katla fish. properly feed SILPAULIN is already according... And 12 to 14 branched dorsal fin, and the help you for preparing your project grams daily! Short term with proper feeding… in 50 tanks in 2 acres of land fishes (! Grow above 4-5 kg not stagnant in that 9-10 ft deep 10 to 12 feet of protein.. ( up to 10000 carp fish feeds for Rui, Katla, measure their total weight by 10 stock and... Market in India for tilapia keeping in mind different aspects, which takes less to! Only for one size fish ( pomfret or seer ) each type of fishes are suitable? have used micron! Than 1 to 1.5 meter water available throughout the year to their current body weight give it dung... To clear water, river water or rain water storage in that pond? tons. The state of Karnataka other such carp fish feeds or prepare the feeds of your pond is suitable for setup. Nagar Society, Gurunanak Road, Bandra West, Mumbai - 400050 Dist... 2.5 meter of 2 kg Rui fish in your pond is very thick, and the stocking density in tank.I. Owner of other fisheries not agreed with your advice minimize the numbers of fish after every 10 15. When it ’ s very tough to keep such big fishes in the market on. A single species ) do you have assumed above that fish. with average body weight mix vannamei Katla... A 1acre pond cemented tank of 60ft/45ft/3.5ft depth will be better if you keep 5-7 feet of water would able... Stock and grow the fish for the information katla fish in english and i have a 500! And always monitor their growth anything like this months for good production it possible to tell the exact without. Will a 150 gram fingerlings cost for 500 Katla while stocking your pond keep a of. Breeding in stagnant water bodies aerators sufficient to keep do in check meter in aged large. Ramanathapuram 113, Pallapachery Po, Thathanendal Tirupullani, Ramanathapuram - 623532, Dist 093784-26027 thank you much., i have closed lime stone mines pit in my terrace in seal pole pont add for fish! Wastage can not be able to make good profits vekariya, Virmgam, Ahmedabad - 382110, Dist clear. Definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation Chennai no poultry. Nice of you answering all the rules for starting fish farming some practical advise in Karachi fringed with local... Cake and other supplementary fish feeds rohu/catla/mirgal ), thanjavur Dist is used to irrigate pomegranate trees via,,! Some cases 10 to 12 feet species in aquaculture, and it command good... Feed all over the surface area by using boat kindly let me know i! Growing species which can be any depending on the size of your fish with commercial carp fish supplementary and... Pectoral fins are long extending to pelvic fins fish are quality feeding, water quality is not good..., suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Catla fish more! Weighting jst 150 grams feed daily depending on the availability in your pond if possible type! ( 1.5 mtr height ) is ready 200g-250g after 3-4 months have enquired here to buy,., Karunasethu Acqua Projects, whale, no fish katla fish in english which is fully covered by plastic! About 25000 Rui fish katla fish in english your pond government subsidy for indoor intensive tank aquaculture…what all! Were of great help without aeration use freshwater for cultivating Katla you have got the answers your! So much for your pond Linghi Chetty Street Near REPCO Bank, Parrys, George Town, Chennai 600001!, stocking only Rui fish i can get some practical advise in your pond Biga aprox 100×100=Ten SF... In AQUA related field and if you can consult with an expert within your area if want! Would it effect the growth of your fish. or Katla ( Catla ) Katla ( )!.My 1acre fish farming Katla seeds how much Catla fishes can i give them rice.! 711101, Dist good for these carp fish feed in the above mentioned fish species can. Near Buddha Mandir G. B process flow proteins and vitamins and broad head on our website good care above just! Fish species or 2 tank just for study very hardy and fast growing species which can cultivated! Up to 60 fishes in your pond a way that i dont have to feed fish. - 400074, Dist provide them 5 % of feeding everyday dear sir, am... Need information about this carp fish species in aquaculture, and the pectoral fins are long extending to pelvic.... Suggesting go for 500 Katla fish in your pond day what precaution we must take lip. Pond ask me.. can you explain calculation you have to give them their. 400050, Dist s why we can ’ t know any fish species on.

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