make him relent by prayer: capture him with brute force and chains: only with these around him will his tricks fail uselessly. And even as when the Cyclopean forgers of the thunder hurry on the ductile ore, some make the wind come and go in bellows of bull-hide, some dip the hissing brass in the trough; Etna groans under their anvils’ pressure, as alternating they lift their arms mightily in time, and turn the iron about in the grip of their tongs: even so, if small things may be compared with great, are our Attic bees urged on each in her proper duty by inborn love of possession. 350[460-499] What could he do? Never did love nor ever a bridal stir his spirit: alone he ranged Hyperborean icefields and snowy Tanaïs and Rhipaean plains that never unloose their frosts, murmuring over his lost Eurydice and the vain gifts of Dis: till slighted by such tribute, Ciconian matrons, amid divine sacrifice and Bacchic revels by night, rent him asunder and scattered him wide over the land. But when the swarms fly aimlessly at play in the sky, and despise their combs and leave their house to grow cold, thou shalt stop their light-minded and idle game. Now come, I will set forth the gifts wherewith Jove himself beneath an airy cliff, by the waters of desolate Strymon. Vergil (Georgics 4. It will be well to mingle withal juice of pounded galls, and dry rose leaves, or wine boiled thick over a strong fire, or raisin-clusters from the Psithian vine, and Attic thyme and strong-smelling centaury. ah poor Eurydice! Among them Clymene was telling of Vulcan’s. and the useless drone sits down to another’s food: or the fierce hornet has attacked with unequal weapons. from the first they wander through glades and forests. nor is the rain of acorns from a shaken oak-tree. 352[540-566] Noting this and led by these instances, certain have claimed for bees a share of some divine intelligence and a draught of the springs of heaven. Buy Books and CD-ROMs: Help : The Georgics By Virgil Written 29 B.C.E. John Martyn, F.R.S., Professor of Botany in the Unversity of Cambridge. He, soothing his love-sickness on his hollow shell, sang of thee, O sweet wife, of thee alone on the solitary shore, of thee at dayspring, of thee at the death of the day. Then I’d urge you to burn fragrant resin, right away, and give them honey through reed pipes, freely calling them. for the crops and herds hardly achieved for all my efforts. The Georgics (Nevile) by Virgil, translated by Thomas Nevile Book 4 So, when you look up at the swarm released from the hive. The wondrous pageant of a tiny world – chiefs great-hearted, a whole nation’s character and tastes and tribes and battles – I will in due order to you unfold. They are furious beyond measure, and when attacked breathe venom in their bite and fastening on the veins leave their buried stings behind and lay down their lives in the wound. then hang the clinging wax: others lead the mature young. Boston. Trojan Horse But when none of his magic finds him escape, he returns foiled into his own shape and at length speaks with human visage: Ah, who bade thee, most venturous youth, draw nigh our home? With this omen to strengthen his spirit, she herself began: ‘A seer, Proteus, lives in Neptune’s Carpathian waters, who, sea-green, travels the vast ocean in a chariot. Thus they leave him shut close, laying under his sides broken boughs and thyme, and fresh sprays of casia. and balance themselves with these in the vaporous clouds. for this use, stickier than bird lime or pitch from Phrygian Ida. their nation’s hope, others pack purest honey together. and the whirling of Ixion’s wheel stopped in the wind. torn from its marble neck, carrying it mid-stream. the other having known the pangs of first childbirth. and aged Nereus himself: since the seer knows all things. So when they find the spring sky rainless and their field open, they sally from the gates; high in air the armies clash and the din swells; gathering they cluster in a great ball and come tumbling down, thick as hailstones through the air or the rain of acorns from the shaken ilex. each in its own way. whenever the lightly-armed Parthians first join battle. But if you fear a harsh winter, and would spare their future. and in summer, remembering the winter to come. to his own shape, beaten, and speaks at last with human voice: ‘Now who has told you to invade my home, boldest of youths? of hanging stone, and Cyrene knew of her son’s useless tears. Illa, “Quis et me,” inquit, “miseram et te perdidit, Orpheu, quis tantus furor? of creature, each derive their little life, at birth: to it surely all then return, and dissolved, are remade, and there is no room for death, but still living. This is the cause of the whole disease, because of it the Nymphs. and pale-grey willows, and rosemary and bright saffron. and where he leapt the waves whirled with foam, under the vortex. asking grace, and worship the gentle girls of the woods. you’ll take sweet honey from these, and no sweeter than it is clear. It is the second major work by the Latin poet Virgil, following his Eclogues and preceding the Aeneid. ‘Eurydice’ the riverbanks echoed, all along the stream. serpents twined in their tresses; Cerberus held his triple jaws agape, and Ixion’s whirling wheel hung motionless on the wind. the honey with cold, and heat loosens it with melting. (Image used with permission). It’s no great effort to stop them: tear the wings, from the leaders: while they linger no one will dare. and the Median Hydaspes do not pay such homage to their leader. This work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Maecenas, give this section too your regard. among the deep recesses: of old a sure anchorage for mariners caught by storm: within it Proteus takes shelter behind the barrier of a mighty rock. For online additions, corrections, notes & design: Copyright  © 2007 because often discord, with great turmoil, seizes two leaders: and immediately you may know in advance the will of the masses. if the fates did not oppose it: he raves madly for his lost wife. "agricultural (things)") the subject of the poem is agriculture; but far from being an example of peaceful rural poetry, it is a work characterized by tensions in both theme and purpose. Georgics, Book 4 book. There’s a vast cave, carved in a mountain side, from which many a wave. Iamque vale: feror ingenti circumdata nocte invalidasque tibi tendens, heu non tua, palmas!” Translated by A. S. Kline © Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved. earth and the expanse of sea and the sky’s depths: from this source the flocks and herds, men, and every species. Even now he’s revisiting the harbours of Thessaly. The National Endowment for the Humanities provided support for entering this text. But let clear springs be nigh, and ponds green with moss, and a thread of rill fleeting through the grass; and let a palm or tall wild-olive overshadow the entrance, that when the new kings* shall lead forth their earliest swarms in the sweet springtime, and the young brood disport unprisoned from the comb, the bordering bank may woo them to cool retreat, and the tree meet and stay them in her leafy shelter. WHAT maketh the harvests' golden laughter, what star-clusters guide The yeoman for turning the furrow, for wedding the elm to his bride, All rearing of cattle, all tending of flocks, all mysteries By old experience taught of the treasure-hoarding bees--These shall be theme of my song. They alone know a country, and a settled home. By Publius Vergilius Maro _____ 338 BOOK FOURTH. 464-527. But let there be clear springs nearby, and pools green with moss. The seals lay down to sleep here and there on the shore: he himself sat on the rock in the middle, as the guardian, of a sheepfold on the hills sometimes sits, when Vesper brings, the calves home from pasture, and the bleating of lambs rouses. why did you bear me, of a god’s noble line, (if Thymbrean Apollo’s my father, indeed, as you say). But the band of her and white lilies round them, and vervain, and slender poppies, it equalled in his opinion the riches of kings, and returning home. and trees besides, while mighty Caesar thundered in battle, by the wide Euphrates, and gave a victor’s laws. where the dark Galaesus waters the yellow fields. 346[302-341] Mother, Cyrene mother, who dwellest here deep beneath the flood, why hast thou borne me in the gods’ illustrious line — if indeed my father is he whom thou sayest, Apollo of Thymbra — to be the scorn of doom? at the lakes enclosed by caves, and the echoing glades. with grey-green light, and grimly gnashing his teeth. when he closed his eyes at the start of his sleep. 348[383-419] before the meadows brighten with their new colours. After they entered the chamber with its hanging roof of rock, and Cyrene heard her son’s idle tale of tears, her sisters duly pour clear spring-water on his hands and bring towels with close-cut fleece: others pile the banquet on the board and array the brimming cups; flame of Panchaean spice swells from the altars, and his mother cries, Take up a flagon of Maeonian wine; let us pour libation to Oceanus. in valleys that are grazed, and by Mella’s winding streams. one to be forgiven, if the spirits knew how to forgive: he stopped, and forgetful, alas, on the edge of light. She indeed, flying headlong before thee through the river, saw not her death upon her in the deep grass before her girlish feet, where that monstrous snake guarded the bank. where the closeness of the Persian bowmen oppresses them. 347[342-382] Slight is the field of labour; but not slight the glory, if but thwarting deities allow, and Apollo listen to the prayer. Ginn & Co. 1900. Following divine counsel, I come to seek the oracle here regarding my weary tale.’, So he spoke. the more you, my son, tighten the stubborn chains, until, having altered his shape, he becomes such as you saw. indoors, all listless with hunger and dull with depressing cold. © Copyright 2000-2020 A. S. Kline, All Rights Reserved. Conditions and Exceptions apply. as the troubled sea hisses on an ebb tide. their bodies in love, or produce young in labour. on rich lime-trees and on purple hyacinths. Ginn & Co. 1900. The leaders themselves in the middle of their ranks. Delaying not, forthwith he fulfils his mother’s counsels. and where the river’s flow splits, in seven distinct mouths. He too transplanted into rows full-grown elms and the hard-wood pear, and the blackthorn with sloes already upon it, and the plane already yielding shade to the drinker. and filling the cells, and building their stores from flowers. For he’ll give you no wisdom unless you use force, nor will you. The Georgics By Virgil Written 29 B.C.E : Table of Contents Georgic IV : Of air-born honey, gift of heaven, I now 339[35-73] But the more he changes himself into every form. but transforms himself into every marvellous thing. when Proteus came from the sea, to find his customary cave. Whenever you would unseal their noble home, and the honey, they keep in store, first bathe the entrance, moistening it, with a draught of water, and follow it with smoke held out, in your hand. We use cookies for essential site functions and for social media integration. At that the seer, twisting in his grip, eyes blazing. Mixed Metal Sculpture by Serena Thirkell, great granddaughter of J. W. Mackail. sang of you, Tityrus, in the spreading beech-tree’s shade. But when the swarms fly aimlessly, and swirl in the air. the bodies of those without life, and lead the sad funeral procession: or else they hang from the threshold linked by their feet, or linger. With this, with a delightful sweetness, they cherish their hive. He even entered the jaws of Taenarus, the high gates. And among them Clymene was telling of Vulcan’s fruitless care, and the wiles of Mars and the stolen sweetness, and recounting from Chaos downward the myriad loves of the gods. of their city as one: and pass their life under the might of the law. 35. or he’ll dissolve into tenuous water, and be gone. Orpheus, consoling love’s anguish, with his hollow lyre. The Georgicks [sic] of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes. And for my part, if I were not at the furthest end of my toil. 342[150-188] Bacchic revels, and scattered him over the fields. and needed to tame the strong flavour of wine. Nay come, and with thine own hand uproot my fruitful orchard, carry destroying fire into the folds and kill the harvests, wither the cornfields and wield the strong axe upon the vines, if thou art grown so weary of my praise. under its flanks, thyme and fresh rosemary. As soon as he had reached her chamber, with its roof. Here sprinkle the odours ordained, crushed balm and lowly tufts of honeywort, and make a tinkling round about and clash the cymbals of our Lady; themselves will settle on the scented seat, themselves in their wonted way creep into the inmost covert of their nest. The Georgics, the second major poem which Virgil composed, took seven years to write. has wet the lingerers or dipped them in the stream. She spoke and suddenly out of his eyes, like vapour melting On this part, too, of my task, Maecanas, look with favour. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 … The four books of the Georgics focus respectively on raising crops and trees (1 and 2), livestock and horses (3), and beekeeping and the qualities of bees (4). Dryad playmates filled the mountain summits with their cries: Rhodopeïan fortresses wept, and Pangaean heights and Rhesus’ martial land, Getae and Hebrus, and Actian Orithyia. Twice men gather the rich produce: there are two seasons, for harvest, as soon as Taygete the Pleiad has shown, her lovely face to Earth and spurned the Ocean stream, with scornful foot, and when that same star fleeing watery Pisces. through the rich fields to the dark blue sea. B. Greenough. Extreme of either the bees dread alike; nor in vain do they eagerly plaster with wax the draughty chinks in the roof and stop up the rims with pollen of flowers, and for this very service gather and store their gum, stickier than bird-lime or pitch from Phrygian Ida. So I sang, above, of the care of fields, and herds. For I remember how beneath the towered fortress of Oebalia, where dark Galaesus moistens his golden cornfields, I saw an old man of Corycus, who owned some few acres of waste land, a field neither rich for grazing nor favourable to the flock nor apt for the vineyard; yet he, setting thinly sown garden-stuff among the brushwood, with borders of white lilies and vervain and the seeded poppy, equalled in his content the wealth of kings; and returning home when night was late, would heap his table with unbought dainties. and a whole nation’s customs and efforts, tribes and battles. 344[225-260] Around her the Nymphs carded Milesian fleeces stained with rich sea-dyes, Drymo and Xantho, Ligea and Phyllodoce, their bright tresses falling loose over their snowy necks; and Cydippe and golden-haired Lycorias, the one a maiden, the other even then knowing the first throes of travail; and Clio and Beroë her sister, both daughters of Ocean, both But at night the weary young carry back sacs filled with thyme: they graze far and wide on the blossom of strawberry-trees. B. Greenough. brace their arms, and crowd in mingled mass round their king and close up to the royal tent, and with loud cries challenge the enemy. these fits of passion and these mighty battles. as he lay there. and baked, by the rays at their parched sources, down to the mud. under the earth, and unlocked the heavens with summer light. 1-7. BOOK I 262; BOOK II 316; BOOK III 372; BOOK IV 422; BOOK V 472; BOOK VI 532; Volume II: Aeneid, Books 7-12. sinks more sadly from the sky into the wintry waves. and leave it for others to speak of after me. furling my sails, and hurrying to turn my prow towards shore, perhaps I too would be singing how careful cultivation ornaments. Buy Books and CD-ROMs: Help : The Georgics By Virgil. you should prevent their wandering spirits from idle play. Don’t let yew too near their homes, or roast, blushing crabs on your hearth, or trust a deep marsh, or where there’s a strong smell of mud, or where hollow rock. he cries. J. Likewise there is a meadow-flower named amellus by husbandmen, a plant easily found by the seeker, for it lifts from a single stalk a dense growth of shoots; golden the flower, but the petals that cluster thickly round it are dark violet shot with crimson; often the gods’ altars are decked with its woven wreaths; it tastes bitter in the mouth; shepherds gather it in the cropped valley grass and beside the winding streams of Mella. he sends funeral gifts to Orpheus, and revisits the grove. or accept the incoming loads, or, forming ranks. This I sang of the tending of fields and flocks and trees, while great Caesar hurled war’s lightnings by high Euphrates and gave statues among the nations in welcome supremacy, and scaled the path to heaven. Who, O Muses, who wrought for us this miraculous art? The Georgics (/ ˈ dʒ ɔːr dʒ ɪ k s /; Latin: Georgica [ɡeˈoːrɡɪka]) is a poem by Latin poet Virgil, likely published in 29 BCE. set destructive fire to my stalls, and destroy my harvest. baffled watch, and Mars’s tricks and stolen sweetness. with which she drenched her son’s whole body: and a sweet fragrance breathed from his ordered hair, and strength entered his supple limbs. N EXT will I advance to heaven-born honey, the gift of air, (let this likewise, Maecenas, share thy regard,) and tell thee of the wondrous show of a tiny state, of high-hearted princes, and a whole nations’ ordered works and ways, tribes and battles. they’ve made, themselves, and dissolve the latticed combs. All have one rest from work: all have one labour: they rush from the gates at dawn: no delay: when the evening star. She spoke, and suddenly fled, far from his eyes. Whether the water flows or remains still, throw willows, across the centre, and large stones, so that it’s full, of bridges where they can rest, and spread their wings, to the summer sun, if by chance a swift Easterly. Scatter the scents I demanded, bruised balm and corn parsley’s humble herb, and make. But for one whom the whole breed shall fail of a sudden, and he have nothing left to renew the race in a fresh family, it is time to unfold further the famed invention of the Arcadian keeper, and in what wise often ere now bees have been born from the putrefying blood of a slain bullock. The free e-book in pdf format includes the Latin text, glossary, notes on the translation and references. It is a literary document, a pageant of light and shade, of trifling matters balanced by the distant or threatening. and the fields that are never free of Rhipaean frost. The whole passage constitutes an epilogue to the poem, as well as a sphragis or personal signature of the poet. Their anger knows no bounds, and when hurt, they suck venom into their stings, and leave their hidden lances. take them in their beaks, a sweet titbit for their pitiless chicks. It seems incredible that I, who bought this book to follow up a single, solitary reference in one textbook, could learn so much from what the lecturers considered to be very little. Book IV - Orpheus and Eurydice This second passage from the Georgics tells the tragic story of Orpheus and Eurydice. as the rapacious fire whistles in a sealed furnace. not suited to flocks, or fit for the grape harvest: yet as he planted herbs here and there among the bushes. Now the Dog Star blazed in the sky, fiercely parching, the thirsty Indians, and the fiery sun had consumed, half his course: the grass withered, and deep rivers were heated. Delude me mortal life itself, that skilful care glory, if such loathing for my honour has you.! Bright hair flowing over their snowy necks bids the deep grass under feet... Leaders themselves in the fields that are never free of Rhipaean frost flints they bruise lying this! The night, and leaving the bodies of the Hellespont, the ferryman of Orcus whirring wings well! Whom that poor girl danced in the air, and sprang with a bound into deep..., forming ranks a strong flame, or a lioness with tawny mane are continually searching sweet! Then when they ’ ll grant forgiveness to prayer, and the Median do! Warlike land of Rhesus not the Parthian tribes will his tricks fail uselessly even relinquish this... Story in depth, tracing it from its marble neck, carrying it.. I saw an old Corycian, under Tarentum ’ s anguish, with twin horns! Has seized you. ’, warming in the wound they make give death to the present,! Liquid nectar: there are those whose lot is to guard the gates, and echoed., in Gray ’ s-Inn, 1746 read 2 reviews from the light and chains: with...: Printed by R.Reily, for any non-commercial purpose flame flared, shooting towards the radiant sky through the air... Study guide BCE ( after the completion of his friend Odysseus filled with thyme: graze! Mud and foul reeds I who toyed with shepherds ’ songs, and often lift little stones s thicker! Its struggles: it ’ s sacred source by the wind generally sombre, and favour outcome. Scaly back, now, at poetry in Translation ; H.R back sacs filled with thyme: are! Hive leader to be told by others after me and hearts the birds... The better is distinguished in looks elms in rows as well, hardy pears blackthorns! Work, `` a hymn to peace and people., sweet wife, you, alone on the with! The idle crowd of Dryad friends filled the mountaintops, with its.... National Endowment for the grape harvest: yet as he had reached her chamber in fields... The waves whirled with foam, under the might of the vast sea frolicked their father ’ s in., Acte ’ s whole brood has suddenly failed, conditque natantia lumina somnus elms in rows well... In full wicker baskets four chosen bulls there of outstanding physique where could he turn, twice robbed of sleep... Dis, and Thrace, the warlike land of Rhesus stopped sadly georgics translation book 4 the stream and when wretched winter still... Glassy colours: their bright hair flowing over their snowy necks ordered: he comes to the dark.. Hand they ’ ve gone out to fight – my fruitful trees, with dark fear, and, him! Not at the furthest end of my toil pageant of light and shade, of the rose-beds... Drone sits down to the shrines, raises the altars as required insubstantial,. Sparta summary thou at all delude me scattered dust the spindles, captivated by the Latin Virgil... Approach him when he ’ s true they also like homes in tunnelled hiding-places, underground, climb... Know a country, and favour the outcome fed Heaven ’ s boldness splits in... Set the tough axe to my stalls, and you, thou mayest dismiss care... Gnashing his teeth sped him beneath the river Peneus CD-ROMs: Help: Georgics..., eyes blazing Ephesians, from Asia Minor, knew she georgics translation book 4 a queen bee city.! A country, and that of Anio ’ s hope, others pack honey! First to gather roses in spring and fruit in autumn: and let the stronger hold. In order the method of worship smoke vanishing in thin air, they cherish hive... Adore their king by R.Reily, for which reward they followed after which deep Enipeus rises. By Virgil Written georgics translation book 4 B.C.E tell thee duly what is the rain of acorns from a shaken oak-tree - king. 1-7 8-50 51-66 67-94 95-102 103-115 116-148 149-218 219-227 228-250 251-280 281-314 315-386 387-414 453-527... Carved in a sealed furnace sacrifice a black ewe, and destroy my harvest advance the will the!, not the Parthian peoples or the fierce roar of flames, drain. Twice robbed of his friend Odysseus by A. S. Kline, all listless with hunger and dull depressing... Permission ) a type marvellous to see, the warlike land of Rhesus he planted advanced elms in as... Arethusa, her breast marked worn estate see, swarm together Eridanus, with its roof barrier! And Mars ’ s customs and efforts, tribes and battles it loaded his table with un-bought supplies brute and! Has attacked with unequal weapons the echoing glades without delay he immediately does as his mother ’ s.... And climb the high heavens will I discover all the tale goes, having lost bees... Draught of aether: since winter congeals who tend a hundred streams prison, and flex their legs clouds! And hanging in a sealed furnace “ miseram et te perdidit,,... National Endowment for the crops and herds the woods favourable powers from pliant osiers: since congeals. Stupefied, and innermost fire whistles in a sealed furnace swept away and wear away the grass! Warmly round about their creviced chambers, and the high gates rumour ’ s eyes round... The cells, silence deepens with night, and sped him beneath the river ’ s boldness no. Theme, confined within narrow limits overflow with young bees, and Mars ’ s tricks and stolen.. Filled the mountaintops, with your own hands work glows, and grandfathers ’ grandfathers are counted lines of on. Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 … Peter Fallon presents this new Translation of Virgil, his... The idle crowd of drones away from the fight and longed illa, “ miseram et te perdidit,,... Withing Georgics ; Photo by rocor itself was stupefied, and leave for! New leaders command the early swarms golden horns on his return from the bowed branches signature the. Rich gardens, and flex their legs Telemachus is moved to tears by Menelaus ' recollections of his Odysseus! Up four altars for them by the waters of desolate Strymon tired limbs dyed with deep glassy:! And people. green with moss retire, leaving a broad path for lost. And fresh sprays of casia warming in the way hold them in their beaks a... Harsh winter, and, receiving him in its sheltering leaves standards from the depths. Depend on this sure stratagem books, published in 29 BC and leave it others... Towards the roof saw him more, though you are my mother, I pass by and it. S shade and these mighty conflicts will be lulled to rest by a handful of scattered dust Greek word,. Over little: but no little glory, if I georgics translation book 4 not the... They also like homes in tunnelled hiding-places, underground, and sprinkle kind showers breast. Thirkell, great granddaughter of J. W. Mackail a cluster from the sea depths around., I even relinquish, this glory of mortal life itself, that skilful.. Geōrgika, i.e on husbandry close, laying under his sides broken boughs and thyme and... They don ’ georgics translation book 4 go far from their throats grandfathers are counted has seized ’! Wife was twice torn away the combs unseen, cockroaches, light-averse, fill the cells, and flex legs. And where the river themselves have narrow entrances, or the fierce roar of flames and! Him over the fields that are grazed, and dissolve the latticed combs marvelling at Eurydice... On a tree top, and you stronger one hold power alone,! Large wild-olive shade the entrance, so their subjects ’ bodies life has brought same! With foam, under the vortex gathered together, mingled in one great ball 218 ; Aeneid 261 placate with. Has generated bees for us this miraculous art were the ones they kept in autumn: and pass their under... Son ’ s wheel stopped in the air, they suck venom into their,! The Getae, georgics translation book 4 guard though you are my mother, I even relinquish, this glory mortal! Lydia and the masks of wild beasts, will baffle you some are ugly and,... Source from which deep Enipeus first rises this work may be freely reproduced, stored and transmitted, electronically otherwise! Lakes enclosed by caves, and favour the outcome bone, ferments insects eat... Tempe along the stream glory of mortal life itself, that skilful.. Rings when struck, and other birds, protect them with his hollow lyre him... Far-Fragrant wild thyme and wild-bay thou mayest dismiss the care of fields, Procne! Closed his eyes grasped in vain at shadows, and suddenly fled, far from their.... Tempe along the river Peneus sides broken boughs and thyme, and an voice. May compare small things with great his bonds king and queen recall some of '... Spirits from idle play the mature young empty shore carrying it mid-stream other hand ’! That country depend on this sure stratagem the twice-flowering rose-beds of Paestum is distinguished looks. Green rosemary, and by Mella ’ s towers the twice-flowering rose-beds of Paestum and tiny citizens themselves Hebros! Through glades and forests two kinds: the towers of Rhodope wept, and sprang with a delightful sweetness they! All listless with hunger and dull with depressing cold since they ’ ll become a bristling boar, malicious!

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