Episode 62: Learn to distinguish types of study material and the study technique that it best suits.

How to Study Anatomy

To learn how to study anatomy like a medical student and beat your peers on undergrad, you need to find someone who’s been there – done that. Look no further. Doctor Dan slows down the steps that busy medical students take in order to teach you EXACTLY how to study for anatomy.

I can tell you that this personally helped me quite a bit while I was getting my Nursing Degree Georgia. There were several things that I struggled all throughout my studies, but it was those first few steps and trying to get used to the hectic pace you are expected to operate at that threw me off the most. Of course, later down the line a few things proved difficult even while already used to things, but still. Getting your foot in the door is the first step. I hope this helps you.

Types of Study Material

Anatomy is aGRAPHIC type of material, not really narrative, process-oriented, or minutia-based. Therefore, you can use the following study approaches (explained in the podcast above):

  • Drawings, graphic books
  • Posters
  • CD/Online graphics with an exam mode
  • *OLD SCHOOL – blank paper covering the book labels
  • YouTube/Google a student summary

Show Definiteness of Purpose

Look for opportunities to teach the material or be a prosector and come in early to prepare your dissection before class.

Listen to the podcast episode on Definiteness of Purpose for more inspiration.