Apparently, my podcasting days aren’t over… Who would have guessed a bioweapon would bring us back together? You could have guessed. If you understand the Medical Mastermind Community has always been about authentic leadership. From our research on disadvantaged students, to mentorship development programs culminating in the Bronze Outreach Award from my medical school.

Thank you. Thank you for your support, and if you’re new to MMC – you owe a tremendous debt to the members that came before and built it up. Sadly, the membership software I’ve used for 14 years is no longer supported and it’s causing errors I can’t fix on the site. My project site is officially broken, after being available for free – with regular new sign-ups – for the past several years.

Are you ready for something new? No matter your specialty, your patients are no doubt fearful and anxious. Their hypertension and fatigue are off the charts and not responding to non-adrenergic mechanisms.

It’s not about burnout anymore

Folks, it’s time for our young leaders in medicine to rise to the challenges our world is facing during these trying times.

That is why I’m announcing the PTSD Academy Podcast on this channel – and some you have already answered. I’ve got at least one person from the good ‘ole days of the MMC to come back on for another interview, but on my new channel. At least, that’s all I can commit to right now. I am a little busy, as you know.

Ever wonder what happened to the people we interviewed years ago? I’m extending invitations again for follow up, only this time it’s different.

Join the cause and prevent physician and student job dissatisfaction, burnout, depression and PTSD.

Tell your patients that can’t sleep to try out my free PTSD music therapy page. This is where I play live, improvisational guitar to help you fall asleep. Yes, I’m so sleepy on the guitar I’ll have you and your patients snoring.

So, shall we bring back the MMC?

Let me know your thoughts.