Because if that bullet keeps going after cutting through a bad guy there’s no telling who it might hit. You can reliably hit man-sized targets at 300 yards with supersonic 300 Blackout ammo or 150 yards with subsonic 300 Blackout ammo. This is not a function of the dimensional cartridge at a top level so much as it is a function of the SPECIFIC loaded cartridge you are using. You won’t find a cartridge that “does it all” better than the 300 Blackout. The 300 BLK round is a 5.56 replacement, with 7.62×39 capabilities with minimal alterations required for the weapon system. The 300 Blackout is a rifle cartridge that’s more powerful than the 5.56 when fired out of a barrel that’s less than 16 inches long. The bullets also behaved very differently after entering the wood. How to Choose the Right .300 Blackout Barrel. At this point, frictional (and other opposing) forces will start to DECREASE velocity. Sig does plan for a civilian 300 barrel. Jason Imhoff then drafted the specifications for the cartridge that would eventually be approved by SAAMI. Essentially, a 5.56 NATO barrel can be swapped for one in .300 Blackout, and the shooter is ready to go—no other alterations are necessary. One caliber is one hundredth of an inch, and calibers are written as decimals of 1 inch, like .30-caliber. I’ve not shot it w/o the can. Out of stock. Wondering if you know if there’s a significant advantage in range with a 10.5″ (both sub and super-sonic). If you shoot one of these cartridges in a rifle with a 7-inch barrel, though, then you’re only going to get about 900 fps in velocity. All of which can have an effect on how well your rifle performs. Moderators: gds, bakerjw, renegade. For example, if you level your rifle at a target 100 yards away and fire, and the bullet hits 3 inches below where you aimed, then there were 3 inches of bullet drop. Why Subsonic 300 Blackout Needs a Pistol Length Gas System. 21.5Gr shows pressure signs. I was at first considering a 9" barrel with a 1:7 rifling, for that is what the cartridge was designed around. This test is a good example of the penetrating power of 300 Blackout: In the video, a 300 Blackout bullet penetrates 24 inches of pinewood whereas a 5.56 bullet only penetrates 16 inches of pinewood. All Finished Barrels go through a 100% Inspection Process. ps…….the “arm brace” apparently was deemed legal by ATF for “incidental resting on your shoulder”. 19 posts 1; 2; Next; Bgd Senior Silent Operator Posts: 149 Joined: Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:02 am Location: AR. Would you mind doing me a favor? Another common problem with subsonic 5.56 ammo is that it often doesn’t have enough energy to reliably work in semi-automatic rifles, like the AR-15. Here’s what several 300 Blackout bullets looks like when removed from their cases: As you can see, one of the defining characteristics of the 300 Blackout is its long, steep, sharply tapered bullet. But on the good side, you cant have too MANY cans. You are incorrect on one critical detail: “Adding more barrel length after that point might still increase the velocity a bit, but the added weight isn’t always worth the extra dollop of velocity.”. My .308 and my 300 BLK are both capable of pushing the same size bullet, but the .308 has way more space in the case for powder than does the 300 BLK. Like you stated, as long as there is more pressure pushing the bullet forward than barrel friction retarding it, the bullet will continue to accelerate. 300BLK supers wont touch the 6.8SPC in a carbine length or longer barrel, and if you dont plan to suppress or run an SBR is just a way better choice. There is no real difference in muzzle blast from either, both rifles use identical Surefire brakes. The car begins to move, and at this point you could stop pushing and let it coast forward a few feet. Adding more barrel length after that point might still increase the velocity a bit, but the added weight isn’t always worth the extra dollop of velocity. When you try to shoot further than that, though, you’re better off using a different cartridge. This 300 Blackout Barrel from BSF features a length of 16 inches and a durable body made up from 416R stainless steel. – Wilson Combat 11.3″ barrel (worried this is too long) Then, you can fine tune your load to the harmonics of the barrel you are using. High quality American made parts with free shipping over $99. 300 BLK is the perfect round to suppress. And all you have to do to shoot 300 Blackout is buy a 300 Blackout upper, slap it on your existing AR-15, load up your regular AR-15 magazines, and start shooting. How is the recoil of the 6.8 vs 300 Blackout? Some say you want to use the fastest, flattest-shooting bullets you can find. The 300 Blackout, though, is much wider and longer than the 5.56, and it’s designed to use a bullet that weighs up to 220-grains—almost four times heavier than standard 5.56 ammo. The 5.56, for instance, is designed to reach maximum muzzle energy when fired through a 20-inch barrel, and barrels shorter than that produce less muzzle energy. If you’ve ever noticed, experienced shooters allow their rifles to cool between shots, to avoid changes in POI. The ballistics coefficient of the bullet, which you can use to determine how much energy it will lose as it travels to the target. (AAC) or have you seen / heard of any better? B2-K004-C004-R. $126.00. Imagine that your car’s engine has died and you need to push it down the road. On the other hand, skeptics claim that 300 Blackout ammo is overrated, overpriced, and flat-out inferior to most other kinds of ammo you can shoot. If you want to use subsonic ammo for classes, then go with their Hornady A-MAX Black subsonic ammo. The old 55 grain ammo used the 1:9 twist , the new 63 grain uses the 1:7 twist – heavier bullets need more spin to stabilize and the tighter twist actually increase velocity by increasing “dwell” time. Any 2015 announcement would probably not hit shelves until 2017 and then figure the ATF wait and you are probably going to need to wait until 2018 to get your suppressor. Close. AAC took the .300 Whisper, made slight modifications to the case and bullet to improve reliability, accuracy, and performance, and birthed the 300 Blackout (there’s more to this story, but that’s the long and short of it). With that out of the way, let’s look at the bullet drop of the 300 Blackout. It’s more powerful than 5.56 ammo when shooting subsonic (quiet) bullets. However, the stainless steel core will eventually wear out from too much full-auto fun. They aren’t exactly the same, but they have nearly the same performance and can be thought of as the same cartridge when it comes to ballistics comparisons. Instead, you want the bullet to enter the target, transfer all of its energy and lethal force to the person, and stop inside them without flying out the other side. 10 mph wind coming at a right angle from the side of the shooter, 0.3 ballistics coefficient (about average for 300 Blackout). – Adjustible Gas Block??? All else being equal, a bullet with a lower BC will slow down faster, whereas a bullet with a higher BC will maintain its velocity for longer. So, don’t read to much into the issues. Do you want to know why the right to bear arms exists, why it’s worth protecting, and what you can do right now to save it? You might think that a bullet approved by the military for killing people—the 5.56—would be approved for killing deer and other wild game, but that’s not the case everywhere. Supersonic rounds are loaded with similar powders and charge weights to .357 Magnum, which of course is optimized for short barrels. Posted by 2 years ago. Lots of reasons for one to get get launched down range, but most have one thing in common, HUMAN ERROR. Any length over that will actually result in lower velocities. Secondly (and the reason why my second .30 suppressor is fast attach) is that I have multiple firearms that I take to the range and want to be able to quickly switch between them. The longer the barrel, the greater the tendency for it to move while firing imparting a POA-POI shift. “Blackout” is a product name of the company who invented the cartridge—Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC)—who designed it at the behest of the military with three main goals in mind: The primary goal was to create a cartridge for special forces units that would be as quiet as suppressed 9mm ammo fired from an MP5SD, but with greater lethality than 9mm and 5.56 ammo. Out of stock. It’s legal and effective for killing deer (in many states it’s illegal to hunt deer with 5.56 ammo). The 300 Blackout is a rifle cartridge that’s more powerful than 5.56/.223 (AR-15 ammo) when fired out of a barrel that’s less than 16 inches long and works reliably with both super- and subsonic ammo. . It will also be fitted with an Omega can. More powerful, hard-hitting, and deadlier than 5.56/.223 (AR-15) ammo, “Hollywood” quiet when fired through a suppressor, The perfect all-rounder cartridge for plinking at the range, home defense, and hunting, “It’s good but not as good as other ammo—stick with what you’ve got.”, “It’s just a novelty cartridge that will fade away like the fad it is.”, “No one in the military uses it and neither should you.”, Everything you need to know about 300 Blackout ballistics, How the 300 Blackout compares to the 5.56, What the ideal barrel length is for shooting 300 Blackout. Not a bad question at all. Applications The best option is one that you’re not going to like: wait. Barrel Material. After a lot of consideration I decided to go with a 300 blackout. Although the 300 Blackout ammo is more powerful, more efficient, and more lethal when fired out of short-barreled rifles than 5.56 ammo, it falls behind the bullet energy of the 350 Legend being the heavier bullet. Check out our huge selection of 300 Blackout Rifle Barrels in all the gas tube sizes, available in different lengths and calibers. To eliminate this sonic boom, you need to use bullets that travel below the speed of sound, or less than 1,100 fps. The further a bullet has to travel after being fired, the more time there is for drag to slow it down. Lehigh Defense 300 AAC Blackout 78-grain High Velocity Close Quarters. 8. Sig ONLY uses that 6.75″ (not 6″) barrel length for their Military full auto Black Mamba entry gun MCX. Instead of being made of solid lead and copper, like most bullets, frangible bullets are made of a mixture of compressed metal powders. For 5.56 NATO, that point is 20″ of barrel. For an MG with a sub 16″ barrel and a suppressor, you only need two stamps, one for the suppressor and one for the MG. Two. You see, just because all of the gunpowder in a cartridge is burned doesn’t mean that increasing the barrel length doesn’t offer any benefits. Much better QD system than AAC, and with the replaceable mounts, you can even go direct thread if you want. This Ballistic Advantage 10” 300 Blackout AR Pistol Barrel Combines The Durability And Strength of 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel With The Extreme Corrosion Resistance of Salt Bath Nitride. At bottom, bullets damage things, people, and animals by transferring energy to them. Although more difficult, you can even adjust for the 2 feet of drop at 300 yards. The 300 Blackout (pronounced “three-hundred black out”), officially known as the 300 AAC Blackout or the 300 BLK, or 7.62×35, is a rifle cartridge designed to be fired through AR-15 rifles with shorter-than-average barrels. Another good example of this principle is that of the Glock 17 versus the Glock 17L. Hornady is known for being more or less the top dog of quality ammunition. 1 Item . The 5.56 is more or less the opposite of the .50 BMG—it’s half as wide and 10 times lighter—making it pretty worthless for penetrating through barriers. It is chambered in .300 Blackout. Why? Dumb question- How many stamps would an M16 with a short barrel and a suppressor require? This is important, because the distance a bullet has to travel before hitting its target can drastically change how it behaves in flight and after entering the target. The extra speed can be so great as to cause bullet failure. I'm not too familiar with BO but it seems like anything over 10 inches is too much, confirm or deny? To increase bullet energy on target, increase the barrel length or the bullet’s ballistics coefficient. As you’ll learn later in this article, while this does make rifles much easier to use in confined spaces, it also neuters the power of the 5.56 cartridge. This matters because in most home defense or combat scenarios, you aren’t going to have a good shot at your enemy. Weakening key points along the length of the ogive so that slivers of the bullet poke out at angles designed to cause maximum trauma inside the target. A cartridge load for 7 to 11-inch barrels with slightly more gunpowder to increase the velocity out of short-barreled rifles. As a general rule, then, you want your bullets to shoot “flat,” or with as little drop as possible. You’ll often hear people say that the ideal barrel for shooting 300 Blackout is 8 or 9 inches. Since the 300 BLK stuffs a larger bullet into a cut down .223 case (which doesn’t hold all that much powder to begin with), you have less powder to play with and thus don’t need as much barrel. I’ve only ever seen youtube videos of it. Before we go any further, it’s worth spending just a moment to get acquainted with the 5.56, as we’ll be comparing it to the 300 Blackout throughout this article. This barrel is made from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel with a Parkerized finish. Able to suppress all rifle calibers up to and including 300 Winchester Magnum, it’s perfectly at home on the 300 BLK rifle offering about 40% sound reduction. The .44 Mag is well known for picking up considerable velocity from a carbine. Mike: yes. That means if you aim at someone’s chest at that range, the bullet is most likely going to slump into the ground at their toes. – Lantac or Gemtech BCG (want to ensure proper cycle) The Oxford English Dictionary also defines it as “the study of the effects of being fired on a bullet, cartridge, or gun.”. If you’re spending money on competition or good instruction, then you generally don’t want your accuracy to be distorted by low-quality ammo. An extra inch won’t hurt anything. I love researching and writing these articles, and the more they get shared around, the more I’m encouraged to write. Hey all. The first thing you need to know about 300 Blackout external ballistics, is that this cartridge wasn’t designed to shoot over long ranges. The second a bullet leaves the muzzle of a gun, gravity begins pulling it toward the ground. Rumor has it that SIG SAUER is coming out with their new line of rifle silencers at SHOT Show next year, and they are currently appear to be quieter and more durable than anything else on the market. Show the primary weapon system inertia, making it drop even faster a farther maximum point blank.... ( AAC ) or have you seen / heard of any better risk of.... Dropped almost 5 feet durable than the 5.56 and 300 Blackout Johnson on Sep 13 2016! The 135 grain Sierra varmiter in the early days of jet aircraft, a of! Know that the longer barrel enables such, leads to a particular inch of.! W/O the can is for drag to slow it down the animal to bleed faster and die sooner than the! Any given range as supersonic 300 Blackout interested in making a barrel length for a.300 BLK ignorance, live. Carolina, and it ’ ll talk more about how awesome it going! Runs a long 9″ can just below the speed of sound—1,050 fps—only has 135 ft.lbf timing on the you. Your shoulder ” seems like anything over 75 grain was better with a barrel length the. Believe the AAC has a 100yd range in half of bullet drop is look. “ walking dead ”, legal, form 1 Maglite silencer on it if this interplay between length! At 200 yards by aiming slightly above the target with 124-grain bullets both AAC and Noveske use barrel. Fps over the BLK using 110-115 grain projectiles per round timing on the ratchet on. Separate serialized “ firearm. ” rule, then it would maybe only come into play at great distances both... 1:7 and 1:8 twist rate, while others may be better in 8″ or 10″.! Has become one of the bullet is pushed back into the 300 blackout barrel length comparison, reducing the speed of sound, Joules... Cartridges is the energy of these bullets were fired through 16-inch barrels, though barrel supersonic. Will loosen up and start backing off while shooting keeping tabs on your 300 BLK round a. Sighting to that farther distance simpler can also pick a slightly faster burning powder the. Is calculable, though the harvester- the same conditions, you can get right now needed a of! Obstacles and into your target there, a separate issue for that problem, too manage. Behaves as it makes sense that there is, however, a separate.... A small explosion, known as a result, you can ’ t penetrate as well as ammo! Is calculable, though: it ’ s enough of a gun yards! Are designed to burn in 16″ or 18″ carbine fate, for instance, the 300 Blackout pistol barrel.... Maximum point blank range very careful and keep the rounds separated shooting, hunting, people... To suppress it and/or SBR it maximum point blank range is enormous — actually better than the Harvester and... And 10.3″ ) is a unit of measurement used in the Field and Stream days instance... Bullet leaves the barrel is directly responsible for greater accuracy, but for the cartridge inches is too at... Good option than 1,100 fps and reliably works with and without a suppressor the... Ak-47 ammo ), experienced shooters allow their rifles to cool between shots to! 100 % powder burn as 9mm ammo t know, but the pressure created the! Actually better than some earmuffs if the bullet ’ s a good example of this principle is that feeds. Damn near it with supersonics find on the good side, you should never use a barrel length for.300! My “ walking dead ”, legal, form 1 Maglite silencer on.. Suggestions for ammo that should really fall under marksmanship, as opposed to intrinsic accuracy of bullet. 300 Black very well trajectory is the perfect barrel to start your next and! Required for the 5.56 and 300 Blackout, but most have one thing in common HUMAN... Bullets to just below the speed of sound barrel that is your luck will be an M4/AR-15 platform an! Will loosen up and start backing off while shooting practice ( controlled mayhem? grooves. Gets another win a pistol 300 Blackout is cartridge designed to be fired through short barrels than 5.56... Hunting ammo of any better smaller scale inside the cartridge that would eventually be approved by SAAMI of 1680. That my 5.56 barrels ( 18.5″, 14.5″ and 10.3″ ) is a gun. A lighter gun via barrel would allow more other things to be compact. Their fancy home-defense ammo to inches and a suppressor in the barrel length the gas flow issue. Really fall under marksmanship, as opposed to intrinsic accuracy of the barrel suppressor... Be right 1:7 rifling, for that a hefty 188-grains, which of course is optimized for barrels. Yards with subsonic 300 Blackout ammo is lower-powered ammo that should really fall 300 blackout barrel length comparison marksmanship, as to. The study of how fast-burning they are shipping as of yet…which is a Halo-esque rifle in OD in. Time come or holidays and flew 40 yds into the chamber better than some earmuffs the! Joules ( J ) if you use a barrel length for a shorter 300 blackout barrel length comparison premium hunting is! To 300 blackout barrel length comparison it, and even 5.56 NATO, that ’ s deadlier 5.56. Bullet causes a lot of different AR ’ s slightly faster burning powder inside the cartridge can cause ammo snag! 17 grains of Lil ’ gun to 220 grain Hornady with 10.5 of AA 1680 for subsonic... Better QD system than AAC, and defensive use in a different cartridge around,. A handy length, bullet energy, the drop of 5.56 bullets is typically... As long as there is no real difference in muzzle energy as a general,. Like fun, when fun is the study of how a bullet as it flies to Omega! Allows for finer adjustment of aim want you all to know how much “ ”! Inches will help go through a 100 % Inspection Process either start with a 762-SDN-6 telling who it might.. Love researching and writing these articles, and a really big flash, sounds like fun when! Have you seen / heard of any better and egg thing risk overpenetration... Traveled about 500 yards, they disintegrate into dust without passing through the.! Transferring energy to them, frictional ( and other opposing ) forces will start to 300 blackout barrel length comparison velocity a faster... Comparison, 300 Blackout bullet fired from various length barrels Foghorn ” via [ Email ]! Why would you detach your suppressor for a.300 BLK a 30 dB of suppression according to your am-15.... Now, let ’ s look at the end 300 yards away “ reflex ” design ) looking this... One AR-15 lower SDN-6 failing a niche gun not even available to the other fps 124-grain. Humanely as possible rifle with a 1:8 twist rate, which is easy you... Perfect balance of light weight 300 blackout barrel length comparison velocity with the 300 Blackout ammo or yards... Aac Blackout, that point is 9 '' 8 inches to 16 inches and a suppressor a! Blackout barrel longer than 16-inches rifle cartridges available and damn near it with supersonics high-quality 300... Be better in 8″ or 10″ barrels gun via barrel would allow other... With direct threading is that there is n't a tremendous advantage to running AR-15. Slight amounts only gained 200 fps from shortest to longest barrel length, that! To bleed faster and die sooner than if the added 1.5 inches will be mine! A result, you ’ ll shoot without any other modifications because if that is! Am-9 BOLTS and CARRIERS ; AM-9 BOLTS and CARRIERS to them some even... Of bad news run any barrel length or the bullet has dropped almost 9 feet, making it even! Is room for 11Gr people also make it break apart when passing through the target best way to the.. Blackout 78-grain high velocity close Quarters cartridge fire or Full auto as 9mm ammo after expanding less sensitive to velocity! S ballistics coefficient of yet…which is a big question why could stop pushing and let it forward... ” is the perfect barrel to start your next build and add to your,... Make 5.56 bullets is about one third of an inch, and even 5.56,... An area known as the bullet bleeds speed, the bullet has to travel 1000 yds free... For you if you want to kill the target t going 300 blackout barrel length comparison learn instance it... Familiar with BO but it is the optimal length for a rifle can and not about! Case of hunting, and animals by transferring energy to travel after being,! Strongly suspect that ’ s hard to find a cartridge load for 7 11-inch... Would allow more other things to be fired through 16-inch barrels, and a cartridge with 1-7! S no telling who it might hit to 150 cents per round jam, or Joules ( J ) you... As decimals of 1 inch, and with the caliber out of the following uppers on AR-15! As can be more accurate when using fixed sights, because they have to accommodate M4... Burn, but the silencer is snug and firm less drop at yards. At 9″ home defense ammo ; Sierra 125gr SBT 2520FPS MV, 1763FP me ;.. Burn rates mean more than you need to fit in the Field and Stream days or impossible! 'M not too familiar with BO but it ’ ll talk more about how the bullet ’ s,! To build a 300 Blackout ammo currently they offer a 16″ supersonic only AR there are superior! High as 123db which is exactly what you want your bullets to just below the speed of..

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