Education and Internet Use. 2013 American Community Survey Data (U.S. Lao Profile) 2013 American Community Survey Data (U.S. Cambodian Profile) 2013 American Community Survey Data (U.S. Vietnamese Profile) 2012 American Community Survey Data (Hmong/Southeast Asian American Profiles) 2011 American Community Survey Data (Hmong/Southeast Asian American Profiles) The country’s development strategy focuses on its young, dynamic and mobile population as a major contributor to sustainable development and economic growth. Participation in Education. General Information . Education System. NCES 2019-038. 4 The share in poverty overall for Cambodian Americans is the aggregate poverty rate from the years 2006–2010. Education and Literacy. General Information. This can be indicated by the U.S. Census’s statistics of 1.5 million Asian Americans in 1970, 7 million in 1990, and 19.4 million in 2013. Browse by country. Secretary Institute of Education Sciences. Cambodia. American Institutes for Research. 53.0% The percentage of Asians, age 25 and older, who have a bachelor's degree or higher level of education. Karthick Ramakrishnan and Farah Z. Ahmad, “State of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: Income and Poverty” Education is critically important to Cambodia’s development. U.S. Department of Education. 87.5% Mark Schneider. Director National Center for Education Statistics. In fact, in 2011-12, only 57 percent of black students have access to a full range of math and science courses necessary for college readiness, compared to with 81 percent of Asian American students and 71 percent of white students. According to the 2000 census, Cambodian American populations had a lower level of education compared to other populations in the United States, with 53.4% of Cambodian Americans over the age of 25 not possessing a high school diploma, compared to 19.6% of all Americans. 58 percent of participants in a Cambodian American community wellness program reported reductions in effects of past trauma, while depression … Progress and Completion in Education. Culture. Participation in Education . ... ©2020 UNESCO Institute of Statistics. Education System . In the article, the authors cite various sources and found that “[p]olicymakers usually overlook Cambodian students as a unique ethnic group, attending instead to the positive statistics that aggregate Asian-American students into a single group of successful students” (Chhuon, Hudley & … Asians have the highest proportion of college graduates of any race or ethnic group in the country and this compares with 28 percent for all Americans 25 and older. Science, Technology and Innovation. James L. Woodworth. For the Asian American and the U.S. averages, it is the aggregate poverty rate from the years 2010–2012. Statistic #1: African American students are less likely than white students to have access to college-ready courses. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. Betsy DeVos.

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