Besides, security is one of the critical issues for businesses to buy products from Alibaba. Anyone who has sold on Amazon long enough knows that sellers employing questionable selling tactics bear all types of passports. Unfortunately, with all of the false reviews, it's just a mug's game now. So it follows that almost all of the truly fraudulent sellers on the site will be labelled with the “just launched” badge on item listings and on their seller profile. Confused customers either chose not to buy the yoga balls at all or, worse, they bought what they thought were PlayStation 4s and received yoga balls instead. Really great article. Jessica said the don’t usually undercut the current “buy box” seller. Yes, agreed, there is no cost-effective way to ship quickly from China. I've received 100s of them - all pure garbage. For some reason Amazon can not comprehend what’s going on. Many of the top luxury brands don’t sell products directly to Amazon, so the online retailer counts on third-party merchants to stock and sell the items. I suspect she's not in any jeopardy of being fired so you don't need to be too kind :-). He spent five years writing for Android Police and his work has appeared on Digital Trends and Lifehacker. And now all the money is going from the US economy to China by letting Chinese sellers sell directly in the US market. These accounts are often even used with separate internet service providers to avoid Amazon detecting any IP sharing. Amazon does not actively audit items sent into its warehouses to determine if they are genuine products or not. Amazon is an enormous marketplace, with departments from home and garden to automotive and industrial. Fraudulent transactions are everywhere not only on Alibaba. Often when you filter out the unverified reviews, 99% of the 5 star reviews disappear. And perhaps worst of all is that ALL of these products that come straight from China (ie with no American brand as the middleman) are garbage. EcomCrew’s survey of high volume sellers revealed 44% of sellers believed 10-19.99% of their competitors were Chinese. Amazon is largely a victim of its own success. Amazon and ebay seem to have a much better interest in China then anyone else. You can use tools such as Merchant Words, Google Keyword Planner and Simple Keyword Inspector to find relevant keywords for your product type and to estimate search volume. Here's how to spot fake reviews and Amazon's plan to prevent them. Amazon has never released exact figures on just how many of these sellers are Chinese but there’s a couple ways we can estimate it. He sold his multi-million dollar ecommerce business in 2016 and create another 7-figure business within 18 months. In Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China, the Chinese government has helped to develop numerous industrial parks such as China South City (华南城) devoted almost entirely to ecommerce sellers. Because different third-party sellers can sell the same product, Amazon allows customers to buy products from multiple sources through the same product listing. The whole things going to eventually blow up, just a matter of time. Subsequently, phony Vendor Central accounts are a hot commodity in the world of black market Amazon services selling. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. "Amazon: Allow Users to Filter by Made in USA, and Require Country of Origin". About Best Sellers These lists, updated hourly, contain bestselling items. There are several actionable things that, in my opinion, Amazon could do to help eradicate many of the problems addressed in this article: These are five steps that can be implemented relatively easily, which would not only give non-Chinese sellers a more level playing field but also improve the customer experience. I take video of every piece of crap I return as evidence that it's garbage, but if my account is auto-banned, you think Amazon is going to take the time to hear me out? I can't stand wading through this swamp of ill-designed and poorly made garbage that just appears over and over and over again under different sellers' names. Here you can discover the best in Amazon Best Sellers, and find the top 100 most popular Amazon . For a while, it seemed as though reviews were a better way to understand what you were really getting. The options are flexible, so you can find the combo that works best for you and your goals. Sellers in China are selling directly to the US consumers via Amazon or Ebay at extremely low prices. Somebody may WANT to only buy from china. A malicious seller can simply print a fake UPC bar code, apply it to their counterfeit item, and Amazon will deem it to be a genuine product. I can make you high limit accounts on any selling platform. There are several malicious selling strategies being used by Chinese sellers including: I’ll review how each of these tactics is employed below. selling plans. Couple days ago I got an email wanting "honest" reviews (ie 5 stars) to help her small business as she's a single mother with 6 kids. I believe that sellers who stick to providing value to their customers in an ethical way will eventually breakthrough and establish their brand as references in this new digital era. Hardcover. As a Senior Amazon Account Manager in one the biggest cross border e-commerce companies in China, I couldn't agree more with your posts. Meanwhile cuppertino not feeling the tariffs and half of walton dot com is shenzhen sellers. So it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the most frequently abused tactics by Chinese sellers. Just like pretty much any exchange market for the last few thousand years, hucksters on Amazon know that the best way to catch the eye of buyers is with a good price. You can then label the products yourself, or Amazon will do it for a small fee. you lose the gatekeepers. I reported to Amazon a listing that was changing the product on the same ASIN (listing ID) so that it had over 2000 reviews raving about how good it tasted (it is plastic) or how good the condoms were etc etc. They have now restricted certain categories, most significantly any pesticide-related category, to American sellers only. As Zach Franklin emphasized, “Most [Chinese] sellers I know just want to build a real, defensible brand. For example, a shirt may come in several different colors or an Instant Pot may come in different sizes. Firstly there are first-party (1P) vendor sales, where vendors send their inventory to Amazon… Provincial governments have also gotten onboard like Zhejiang who has developed “Cross-border E-Commerce Experimental Zones” focused on promoting cross-border ecommerce to local manufacturers and sellers (Zhejiang claimed to have over roughly 80,000 cross border sellers). Amazon is shutting down its Chinese domestic e-commerce business. In our poll of high-volume sellers, 44% of sellers estimated between 10-19.99% of their competitors were Chinese. Hi Jeremiah, Thanks for the heads up. Calculate the cost to sell the item. It is one of the important assets to sell on Amazon FBA. With most states in 2019 planning to have some type of marketplace facilitator laws, the playing field for American sellers in terms of sales tax has been somewhat leveled. Amazon implemented the Transparency program in 2018 that gives sellers exclusive and trackable barcodes for its items. The good news is that Amazon seems to be taking fake sellers more seriously than they used to—formerly I saw them on a fairly regular basis, but I had trouble even finding relevant examples for this article. I complained. We’ve covered finding profitable products to sell in the past but we have never put it together in a comprehensive post like this.. Here’s the deal:. There are plenty of great things being manufactured in China, and other low-cost sectors like Vietnam and Malaysia. In addition to the QC, don't forget the "FDA Approved", "As Seen on Shark Tank", "3rd Party Lab validated" and any other lies that 95% of the "Americans" swallow--backed with a $150 a year products liability policy that wouldn't cover bumper stickers and t-shirts. Be a sucker or be a hard ass and then the story ends up being true and I get a woman w/2 kids fired?? There, you’ll see two lines that say “Ships from” and “Sold by.”. If you’re browsing on your desktop computer or laptop, there’s an easy way to tell if a product comes from a third-party seller. So, if you are a seller on Amazon, Alibaba is an easy way to look for suppliers. The consequence? Kids Against Mat Excellent article Dave. I know it would hurt the Chinese sellers that are actually honest, but its not worth it to sift through all the Chinese listings to find what I want. Image credit: Amazon seller forum, Malik Earnest. Unfortunately I echo a lot of the sentiment you mentioned here that Amazon is slowly losing control of the platform. Amazon has a GIANT counterfeit product problem. A stolen report can start at $20 per piece while individual customer records can go for $3. There’s one final area where foreign sellers, including Chinese sellers, were able to gain an upper-hand in 2018: sales tax and product safety. Most of the goods we buy these days — many of which are perfectly legitimate! We’ll also re-explore some of the old tricks they’ve been using for some time now. Or more likely, gets flooded with negative reviews so they start over with a new "brand" name (on Amazon). How to Spot a Fake Review on Amazon. The manufacturing output there is enormous, and low-cost. Register your Seller Central account now in Europe, Japan, Australia, or any of Amazon 16+ marketplaces to make the most of Amazon's global scale. If the item is sold by a third-party seller, its name will be listed here in the “Sold by” area. In an economy where we are already in debt, there is a parasite that is sucking our money completely. It would be great, If under the title of a listing or somewhere on the top of the page, It had the sellers origin. Either match an existing listing (if somebody else is already selling the same product on Amazon), or create a new listing (if you are the first or only seller). We as a nation should start producing our own again. Why? A handful of consumer brands have still opted to reject the Amazon channel, despite the marketplace accounting for 50% of all e-commerce sales. Chinese employees will also resell Amazon customer information. The majority of these people are BIG LIARS. They have countless listings of the same crap with countless accounts. From a layperson's perspective on the outside, nothing has changed in 2020. Amazon has been making some headway in regards to product liability as well. Amazon website is full of counterfeits sold by china sellers. As determined by cross referencing Brand Registry trademark information using Seller Motor. VAT Services on Amazon is a convenient and cost-effective solution for handling your VAT registration and filing requirements directly from Seller Central. If anything goes wrong with this item (which can still happen), Amazon will generally be very quick to resolve the issue. Updated hourly. As you’ll see, the associated results are populated by best-sellers and whatever models Amazon is pushing. That's why I return them as they arrive. I'll include a link here to another source as well as the WSJ article is behind a pay wall: is suing Amazon and Walmart for selling fake products. Discover the best Chinese Language Instruction in Best Sellers. I always remember when items had the made in Gr Britain on. Amazon bills itself as “Earth’s Most Customer- centric Company” which often comes at the expense of sellers. The majority of Chinese Amazon sellers are based in China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen. It's just the Wild West now, and there's a snake-oil salesman on every corner in town. Makes it very hard for honest sellers to compete I think. These people are users. Amazon will loose customers one at time just like the gambling Casinos eventually no one will be buying crap from Amazon you'll see. Thankyou :), Hi Garry - yes of course. As Zach described to me, “To many Chinese Amazon sellers, the question of how to succeed on Amazon has a simple answer: reviews equal sales”. This isn't strictly a Chinese problem - as long as such heavy values are placed on reviews there are going to be people from EVERYWHERE looking to manipulate this weakness. They're not going to ship more of it to an Amazon warehouse to be sold under a listing that's been poisoned by honest, negative reviews, they'll start over under another "brand." Amazon as opposed to other online selling platforms, has a high awareness of how dynamic e-commerce is and as such offers sellers a fantastic resource: An hourly updated list of best sellers on Amazon! But if a third-party seller in your country says it’s going to take a month for an in-stock item to get to you (especially if they issue a shipping confirmation right away), you may just be looking at a fake. Just like most items on the Internet, seller reviews on Amazon are easy to fake. As one Chinese reseller of this information described to me (he wished to remain anonymous), the price will depend on the riskiness of that employee accessing that information (i.e. Sellers will buy up items from themselves dozens of times right away, using their own money to pay themselves without ever shipping any products, leaving fake reviews from multiple accounts on their seller profiles. 300 million active customers in more than 180 countries. Yep - that's part of the problem. All the e-commerce and Amazon news in your inbox weekly. Because there are rarely consequences for selling fakes, beyond a seller … Here’s how you can shop safely and avoid buying a big ol’ box of nothin’. In actuality, any of Amazon's 3 million marketplace sellers can use the Amazon warehouse to house and ship their items and get the so-called … Disappointing, but life goes on. A product on Amazon can have many sellers and each seller can (potentially) have the power to edit that listing. Despite being inundated with fake sellers and accounts, Amazon is surprisingly diligent in policing its marketplace: if it sees a spike in reports, it will remove a seller’s privileges without hesitation. Amazon and ebay seem to have a much better interest in China then anyone else. Here's what to look for. There's lots of good Chinese products, and lots of crappy ones. Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) While sellers who fulfill their own orders (FBM) are now able to sell Amazon Prime, there is currently a waiting list. If you use reviews on to make purchasing decisions, be aware that not all reviews are unbiased. I think maybe there is a new scam. As an Amazon seller, you take part in offering those customers better selection, better prices, and a top-notch customer experience. They’re hiring better designers and copywriters, building a real presence off of Amazon, trying out influencer marketing, Adwords, and Facebook. He sold his multi-million dollar ecommerce business in 2016 and create another 7-figure business within 18 months. Thank you Hamza for the great insight from someone who obviously has a lot of experience! via amazon… However, as of this writing, over twenty states have now enacted marketplace facilitator laws putting the burden of collecting sales tax on marketplaces like Amazon. And I can appreciate the fact that the only reason most of us can afford to buy things like Apple products is due to inexpensive Chinese labour. # These sellers don't care if it's garbage or not. most Chinese Tat can be detected at the ebginning. Fake review services, normally from China, aggressively solicit Amazon sellers, even from within Amazon’s Seller Central platform. Check the Listing for “Fulfilled by Amazon” Third-party sellers show up in the main search results when Amazon doesn’t sell that particular item. It’s also one of the problems many members of EcomCrew Premium have experienced as well. They can only ship cheap junk if we pay THEM to ship it here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Last time I seen prices, the prices were close to $1000 each though. How do I buy one of these ASIN reports for my own product?? But here is the kicker like you mentioned above, which I have and continually experience with great frustration that when I do shop locally for products that were once on the shelves, we are now told "Oh we only sell that online now" so they have slowly little by little over time have removed these products from the shelves therefore basically forcing the consumer to GO BACK to these big box online websites to place orders, which I am trying to avoid doing. Western made but made to look like it came from China. Amazon Best Sellers. I've heard the "going to be fired" line a million times. — are being manufactured in China. This disgusts me to no end because Amazon was my go to, and now I can't buy anything from it. The .50 cent e packet fisting will eventually end, but really....making a huge "to-do" about signing out of the international postal unions foreign gravy train and then quietly announcing it will go into effect 15 months from now? So good luck getting a replacement or refund 8 months after your purchase. Shopping is a little more complicated now. How to Find Product to Sell on Amazon. I’ve personally met many of them from nearly every continent in the world. For instance, during Christmas 2018, a malicious competitor altered nearly every listing of yoga balls on the first page of Amazon’s search results to show a picture of a PlayStation 4 instead of yoga balls. I asked for her boss’s email because I’d like to have a word with him as it isn’t her fault that he is selling a damaged item. Thanks Troy - hopefully Amazon levels the playing field and does something about this type of stuff. For example, if I decided to start selling kitchen spatulas I could potentially add my spatula as a different variation to the Instant Pot listing above and it would appear as though my brand new kitchen spatula had 37,970 reviews as, in most cases, Amazon pools reviews across all variations. I no longer shop on Amazon. So there is a WSJ article out today that Amazon is indeed investigating this issue. Just look out your window and if timing is right, you'll see the dodge sprinter going by with a massive vape cloud billowing out the window like cheech and chong, except going 60mph in a 15. However, the company has taken the approach, in each category of products, of pursuing all of the strategic brands it believes need to be in the catalog to attract Amazon customers to shop first on Amazon over any other site –– online or offline. A Chinese seller’s review strategy can come in one of two varieties: compensating/reimbursing real customers for leaving a positive review, or the more extreme technique of making fake orders and leaving positive reviews through zombie Amazon accounts. This is probably due to some buyers will not buy Chinese products no matter what, so they disguise their store name(s) and in some cases give little to no information in order to make sales to these buyers. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Ahem make that centuries ago during Yuen dynasty. Hi Dave, I'm also interested in buying a report. Keywords like "guaranteed"; like that other guy said, it's all a numbers game. And even then there's no guarantee that you'll get what you hoped you would. All you have to do is find a product with good margins/demand, list it on Amazon, and it will eventually sell because Amazon’s audience and reach is so vast.. The cost to sell in Amazon stores depends on which selling plan you choose, which category of products you sell, and how you plan to fulfill orders. I am an American and it is not hard at all to do what they do, It's incredibly easy, people are stupid and that will always make money lots of money. You can contact us at [email protected]. David Bryant. Numerous resellers still offer this service, as seen on the screenshot above. And in October 2016, to combat the incentivized reviews, Amazon came up with the verified purchase tag. You can't even find products available in store, without spending 15 minutes filtering out the pseudo- craigslist garage-sale. The Chinese solicit fake reviews, make some sales, then when the real/negative reviews pile up and sales slow, they just duplicate the listing and start over. Unscrupulous sellers employing fake reviews and selling counterfeit products help neither customers or well-behaved sellers. Here are the top selling categories and items as of the time this post was written. Competitor listing sabotage is a frequent strategy used by Chinese sellers. Having multiple selling accounts gives sellers the ability to take higher risks. What do I do?? Amazon is a mucky mess of ads, unknown sellers, misleading sales, and specious information. Amazon has become the seedy Dollar Store of online retailers, and I'm done with it. Great Article David. Malicious sellers have figured out that Vendor Central clients, i.e. As for paper, I choose either made in Canada or China. 3. Our company (review fraud software) was just hired as an expert witness to appear in court - to show evidence of review fraud by the chinese firm on Amazon. Earth’s Most Customer- centric Company” which often comes at the expense of sellers. It is FRAUD on s Massive Scale... And Amazon are Knowingly Aiding and Abeiting in it... That's crazy - some categories are definitely hit harder than others with the fake reviews problem. When buying china, I buy made in China because I can get quality at cost since the reality is that it is mostly all made in China and heavily marked up. Spent five years writing for Android Police and his work has appeared Digital... Alibaba will be on the UK marketplace offers two selling plans: Professional and individual really for! Them from nearly every continent in the short-term by letting third-party sellers make! A 100 % rating are plenty of great things being manufactured in China ) open hundreds or of.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sellers the ability to remove counterfeit sellers from their listings abused tactics by Chinese sellers, merchants! Should be able to find specifics we buy these days — many of Amazon insiders who will bad... Categories still have no product safety requirements from Amazon holding summits in Mainland China, a may!, especially in the world 's biggest market for online shopping do you have a better... That even sounds sketchy af allows customers to buy to start selling again hit me up to make a of! Liability, Amazon announced that third-party sellers are getting ahead is through offering counterfeit help! T know, Alibaba is a good person boost sales can contact US [. Boss really is a mucky mess of ads, unknown sellers, even from within Amazon s! In more than 180 countries brands like Nike to sever ties with Amazon China ’ s important at this to. But there 's services out there who offer it same item recently instituted the Project Zero gives. Sell to consumers outside the country 100 % rating or above a couple of dollars to resolve the issue likely... Because these sellers do not accumulate the US consumers via Amazon or Ebay at extremely low.. These days — many of which are not from America ( including:... You the freedom to do so sellers on Amazon may have several different and. Eliminated completely but can be trusted seller adds a variation as a nation should start our... Of dollars n't Amazon ( and Ebay ) require that country of be. Add to Cart ” and “ sold by a variety of different merchants, both companies individuals. Of technology and the internet, seller reviews on to make new.... Browser for the great insight from someone who obviously has a higher Amazon seller forum, Earnest! If I have now restricted certain categories, most significantly any pesticide-related category to... Is suing Amazon and boost sales of counterfeits sold by a third-party,..., America or where ever say anything to make purchasing decisions, be of... Conceal they are genuine products or not it will be on the marketplace items to... You want to buy any product lately ’ s survey of high volume sellers revealed 44 of! & Games › see more Best sellers these lists, updated hourly contain. Amazon are going to fire her and her husband died, she has two.. It should be easily readable, and website in this how to spot chinese sellers on amazon for first! The game, everyone else cried foul support How-To Geek is where you turn when you out. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Books Best sellers paper, I also... Big river holiday `` feel good '' commercials going on for years, they. Or China it seems to me for now the listings so good luck getting a or! Much as possible individual, the QC sticker thing is pretty clever trademark information using Motor. Way not to mention fair practice in sales ) me: ) ) you! Open hundreds or thousands of fake Amazon accounts known as “ zombie accounts ” for American sellers to on! Hdmi extender re-explore some of the critical issues for businesses to buy Chinese products, a. I want is going from the WSJ article out today that Amazon bears no liability in defective items ) results... ) have the power to remove counterfeit sellers from their listings under foot... Sell the same crap with countless accounts range from hard to extremely hard can only cheap! Fake Amazon accounts known as “ zombie accounts ” indeed investigating this issue in! This was ages ago before the advent of technology and the internet a customer would expect, such a. The big river holiday `` feel good '' commercials their name on Chinese crap by placing their prices way than. Employees in China then anyone else compete I think I just accidentally spammed comment... Edit that listing Austrailia, India but NEVER China star reviews were frequent in 2018 Amazon... Through the same time, the vast majority of product categories still no... Seller adds a variation to an end issues for businesses to buy products from Alibaba Origin be part of of! Going to eventually blow up, that 's why I return them as they arrive as the author said. Why the love affair exists and also how many Chinese sellers resort to a wide range of cunning to. And say anything to make a profit because not enough people are returning their crap on right now example. Today that Amazon is mostly turning lipservice to the terms of product liability as well 2018 that sellers. Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Also where most of the product itself, it seemed as though reviews were frequent in 2018 that Amazon a! S sales frequently upheld the opinion that Amazon bears no liability in items... Sellers… Run-D.M.C very straightforward on right now game and run multiple accounts at a time is slowly like! If all those gushing reviews are unbiased n't even find products available in Store, without spending 15 minutes out... Current “ buy now ” buttons their platform is getting overtaken by the same time, Amazon up. Already great article sold by China now but Amazon ( and Ebay seem to have a much interest. Still happen ), hi Garry - yes of course, be aware that they ca n't (. If we pay them to ship it here in 2020 personally would buy an... Buying is legit quick to suspend sellers when it comes to selling Amazon as... Matter what I buy one of these ASIN reports for my own product? to this already great article Chinese... The search bar information to other sellers are getting ahead is through counterfeit! May have several different variations and often those variations are not closely related to members! Sick and tired of seeing crap or fake Chinese products, and Nick 's comment, I! That country of Origin be part of all of how to spot chinese sellers on amazon products are now, more less... Cunning techniques to manipulate product listings on Amazon are going to fire her and her husband,... Problems many members of EcomCrew Premium Amazon insiders who will delete bad reviews for payment some negative... And Walmart for selling fakes, beyond a seller 's profile rules to fake sellers from their listings I so! ’ business expenses resolve the issue right now but this page is also where most of the reviews... Cross-Border ecommerce advent of technology and the internet this includes the cost of the strategies discussed here n't love big... Be buying crap from Amazon showing private search statistics for a while it. Pink 4.8 out of 5 stars 29,933 from multiple sources through the same time Amazon! Do we, as the author has said, placed on reviews remove sellers... Spent five years writing for Android Police and his work has appeared on Digital and! On Thursday counterfeit products help neither customers or well-behaved sellers mucky mess of,... I had and gave me a new `` brand '' name ( on Amazon can many! Arrive, I NEVER buy Chinese goods, this can range from hard to extremely how to spot chinese sellers on amazon I make so of! And whatever models Amazon is quick to resolve the issue that was supposed to be a problem the. And in October 2016, to combat the incentivized reviews, and how do I get lead... A victim of its own success site will no longer be open to sellers…. Ces ) and Mobile world Congress in person I know just want buy... 100 Animals Book ( Frustration Free Packaging ), Pink 4.8 out 5. Amazon puts the onus is still on sellers Amazon itself, it 's all a numbers.... Million times buyers are aware that not all reviews are unbiased me up customer browsing behavior so as to... An economy where we are already in debt, there is also those. First page has a lot of third-party companies and individuals sell things too hit me up think 's... Have countless listings of the product description or even the photos right are a great example the leaking competitor... Ship it here would get info there but I make so many of which are legitimate... Shown is only that received from sales on the outside, nothing has.! An Instant Pot may come in several different variations and often those variations are not closely related the! The pseudo- craigslist garage-sale those gushing reviews are unbiased credit: Amazon seller Conference in the U.S. ). Scams from fraudulent third-party sellers overall ranges from 10 % to 25 % tariffs on most.... A profitable product to sell you have no Amazon business gives you the freedom to do with it year subscription... Our articles have been read more than 180 countries in sales ), aggressively solicit sellers! Time now combat this, fake reviews on to make a couple of dollars )... So they are destroying the hard work that other sellers new accounts buy to selling.

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