Certainly larger than any salon company. Lol! I’ve been reading the comments about everyone’s experience with Pantene. My best advice is simply common sense. Please keep up the Amazing Work…You are so very appreciated. 21 Pantene Pro-V Lift’N’Volume Sulphate Free Shampoo READ REVIEWS ... Pantene Pro-V Grow Strong Hair Conditioner So often my clients are using the wrong products, and using them incorrectly. The companies are “diverting” their own products to increase premium sales. It reaches the middle of my shoulder blades now, and Pantene is no longer working. The ingredient dimethicone is reason alone to avoid it. Is it the best thing that’s ever happened to my hair? I’d love to hear how you explain away all that data. It helps reduce hair loss due to breakage while promoting the growth of longer hair. Ever. While I can feel some build on on my hair, it isn’t knotting as much and it feels smoother. I agree with Sydney, you do save a TON of money using professional products. As for pantene? That’s simply not true. Some people have allergic reactions to pantene and they have a right to their own opinion based on their experiences, most people have a high tolerance due to a toxicity immersed lifestyle of alcohol, red bulls, make-up, perfume, hair dye and plastic fake nails glued their bodies with toxic resin used in the production of fibreglass so a bit of pantene doesn’t bother them. For you to say that cosmetologist a are inexperienced with formulas is not just incorrect, it is flat out defamation. Pantene has never left a film over my hair. It was past my bra line very full ect the women at the salon left bleach on my hair for 4 n a half hrs despite my concerns her AND the owner kept reassuring me that it was fine .. i had a volleyball game to do to and didnt have time for a style so she did a treatment on my hair free of charge and gave me a bottle of very expensive shampoo n conditioner ” bc she had just bleached my hair” she charged me 200 dollars n i left .. she locked up n left which i thought was strange bc she said she had a client after me but i went on my way i look in the mirror when i got in my truck n seen chunks of short hair everywhere so i run my fingers through my hair and HANDFULLS WERE COMING out. I am mad at myself for listening to someone else. I will not be using pantene in the future and i especially will not be using it after reading the condescending comments from Randy Schueller. I typically use lush, but not everyone is down for bar shampoos so after having guests i bought a huge bottle from sams for them to enjoy. SO long story short, Pantene gave me chronic dandruff so I don’t recommend it unless you’re planning on having a white Christmas this year. If you want to use pantene, I recommend using a clarifying shampoo at least once or twice a month. The on going battle about salon products vs drugstore shampoos is old. It stops me getting dandruff- strange, I don’t know why? I came to the conclusion that it was in fact the Pantene that was making my hair look like this. I’m thinking that the fighters for this over the counter GARBAGE, have lined pockets. A lot of salon brands are filled with silicone too. It takes heavy sulfates to get dimethicone out of hair and heavy sulfates strip hair of natural moisture. My hair just… falls out. I’m trying my pantene pRO-V [naturefusion] and I have been mixing it with Garnier Fructis [Fall Fight] I hope it works. Type of hair, colored, or not dry or oily, allergies, goals of what you are expecting. I paid 20$ for the hair cut. I don’t have any trouble washing them out the next time I shampoo. It helps reduce hair loss due to breakage. I agree that most companies are out to make money, but that doesn’t make them inherently bad. They just care about making products people will buy. Pantene Pro-V Long & Strong Shampoo is a shampoo that helps to strengthen hair and reduce breakage. I wish she’d changed my shampoo instead. I don’t buy that but, my niece just left yesterday and the shampoo she used was Pantene. With other options in one particular range, it was slightly better, but I still needed leave-in conditioner and hair oil to prevent knotting. EAPECIALLY ABOUT THE BALD PART. There is nothing wrong with Pantene. I don’t know specifics about the products, but I do know what I experienced. Sorry, I said in the comment before that you said pantene shampoos and conditioners are meant to be used together, but I think it was from Pantene’s press release they send to you. I have curly frizzy dry hair and sometimes straighten it. I’m a 23 year old male and I’ve been using Clear shampoo and Head and Shoulders for god knows how long. What should i do to regrow hair? Compare the ingredient lists for Pantene conditioner and any salon brand you can find. I’m surprised no one has stated something that is so obvious to me. This product has been discontinued by the company but can still be found online for the time being. BOTH IN PANTENE…………There are several “red flag” ingredients in shampoos: Sulfates, either sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). They’re providing a service to someone, and getting money in exchange. Not only have I found that my hair was looking oily but also it wasn’t smelling as good. This is worst stuff ever – no wonder it’s always on sale at the supermarkets. Rather, it was to point out that this buildup is often mischaracterized and that Pantene (and other drug store brands) are often inaccurately compared to salon brands in this regard. It’s a silicone that coats the hair which causes hair to feel smoother at first but over time it actually damages hair. So that is a benefit with Pantene. I think all this plays into things. It appears as if there has been a coating of cream on your hair which is protective layer. PEG-175 distearate, PEG-8 coco glucoside dimethicone…. It still did not work so I moved on to the original Head and Shoulders. I do notice that it is fine for people with naturally straight hair. I think that the real reason why hairdressers do not recommend it is because if you use it you won’t need your hair done as much!!!!!! Enter the competition below for a chance to win one of Pantene's new collections. It is what has always worked for my hair and has never let me down. I DO NOT know the answers to the hair care questions that matter, but I certainly DO know how to find a trusted proffesional who CAN answer them. Silver Expressions is a brightener and corrects yellow tones, making silver hair look vibrant and actually silver, not a brassier grey. I am currently using Pantene with Argan oil, and my hair never looked nor felt better. You will be amazed I promise. Actually I used pantene shampoo years ago and after my hair fell out I had a bald spot and had to cover it. Tie it into a ponytail 8 or more inches up from the end of your hair, and place another band at the bottom of the ponytail to keep the hair bunched together. But EVERY time we’ve tested it over the last 15 years or so it has scored extremely well. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. We all are unique. I started using patene for color more often and suave. Was directed to Baby shampoo. I have used many brands including lush but have noticed fairly similar performance. I spend a lot of money getting my hair coloured it’s a lift clean blond, and over the years I have spend so much money on salon brand shampoo and conditioner but legit Pantene is so much better then anything I have spend $30 on, my hair dresser has said how healthy my hair is when using it, and I don’t know why people lie and say it’s so terrible obviously it wouldn’t be one of the biggest hair care company’s of people didn’t love them. Im looking for shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner, shiny serum, and long lasting scent for my hair! I had been experiencing what I can only describe as chronic dandruff. But I think it’s not all that bad. Its everywhere… buses, billboards, cable. I had also heard Pantene was “bad” for my hair, after using it for most of my life. I have to agree with others, it is pretty clear you are far from objective. I’ve been a Pantene booster for decades. Hi! Also, hair changes all the time. I bought some other brand (dove) the other day because it was half price and my scalp started to itch that same night after useing it. The Pantene SMART Pro-Vitamin collection of shampoos and conditioners help to prevent split ends and damage due to styling, leaving hair rejuvenated for a healthier look. But I still want to know if my shampoo will work with pantene conditioner. phthalate free I forgot why I had been useing pantene for years. It has never let me down and my hair is incredibly healthy and soft. Silicone is sort of a waxy and plastics product that will just coat your hair making it look shiny and soft without actually keeping in any moisture. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. As a professional stylist I find this article rude. It was nice, but I noticed my hair still wasn’t the way it was when I first starting using Pantene. (It just doesn’t last long, so I don’t do it often, as any bit of moisture in the air, it coverts into conjointed curls and waves, with frizz for days). So even if you are using the pantene line, try that method of shampooing and see if it helps your frizzyness and product build up. That’s a very naive attitude. I did my research & talked to multiple stylist & a doctor (thought it could be medical) just to find out that the shampoo & conditioner was leaving wax build up in my hair. the professional products industry is really just a way the salon industry has tried to infuse money into the dying salon services industry. I always had bottles of each in the bathroom. The difference? But I found out once I’d thrown my Pantene away. We didn’t mean that to be disrespectful and we fully understand that stylists have some training in cosmetic ingredients. You must know this??? Also, diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors have a far greater impact than product. It could potentially be cheaper to use a professional line. They have been brain washes from the time they began cosmetology school with pseudo -science, wives tales, and flat out lies from the vendors. Are you usually this rude? However, I’ve been using the Pantene Restoratives shampoo and conditioner for a few months now, and I find my hair less frizzy, more manageable, smoother, and softer. Many people use conditioner on their scalp which you are NOT supposed to do. I switched to pantene, and every single time after i use it, my friends ask me what kind of shampoo i use. What a waste of my time!! All salon products… Regardless of their extremely long chemical name…work differently for different types of hair (and different people… with different lifestyles… in different environments) and most people are honestly clueless as to what combination of chemicals (or salon products) will work best to solve their particular issue. Every time I go to the salon for a haircut, I am complimented on how healthy my hair looks and feels. 'https:' : 'http:') + '//contextual.media.net/nmedianet.js?cid=8CUFRK79J' + (isSSL ? Bottom line, eat well, and find products that work for you and protect the hair shaft. Some people love Pantene other people hate it it, but the facts are the facts. I’m certain that my hair is of such strange/poor/dry quality because of my diet being poor for so long. Add up all the bad perms I ever had, and they are nothing compared to 15 years of brushing my hair 100 strokes. I used pantene for many many years. Oh, and lastly, in regards to your comments in the article about hair dressers – I think everyone is also taking that out of context. That’s what creates the fake coating on the hair. It works great for 2 hours then the flaking would come back with a vengeance. Looks very interesting! She even noticed my hair felt waxy. You say not to blindly follow stylist recommendation but why should we blindly listen to you. I tried Pantene Pro-V anti dandruff a couple of days ago and I could not believe the results. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Then I cave and go back to Pantene and my hair feels so clean and full of body. I had been a Pantene fan for awhile, but the last few months, my hair has become dry and damaged. I just don’t know what to do. Pantene products are all expertly formulated and feel expensive – even though they are not. This was from the ASA, do you know who they are? So I was told years ago by my stylist friend to never use Pantene because it was bad for your hair. I never thought to blame the Pantene. That was a few months ago and my itchy scalp is gone and the hair loss stopped almost immediately after switching shampoos. There was always a dreadful build-up on my scalp, but my hair was nice, and no flaky dandruff, so I didn’t care. However, Pantene was one of the few beauty brands that P&G continues to place faith in, stand by, and expand, now with focused attention. Silicone free The world is driven by greed and lies but at the end of the day my hair and my Rottweiler smell like cupids armpits and shine like optic fibres. Pantene works really great with my hair. Pantene Grow Strong Hair Conditioner, combines the power of Pro-V Science with Biotin & Bamboo. Rather then focusing on brand name it’s better to focus on the ingredient label. Evaluating arguments and biases is a very good practice, but humans are often bad at critically examining their own biases and fallacies. I appreciate this blog’s level-headed approach. Each person has individual needs. Either way it will help you use less and spend less. I tried all I could find of Pantene’s to manage the frizz and curls… and everything works for a couple hours, then it just frizzes back out. When I use other name brand products they just never seem to do the job. Many shops do a silicone treatment to cover frizz so I don’t see what the uproar is about. In 1945, Hoffman-LaRoche launched a line of luxury hair products in Switzerland named Pantene – after panthenol, a star ingredient of the formulas. The more water, the more diluted the product, and the more product you will need to use to achieve the desired result. I’ll save you the tales of clients who have LOST hair due to Pantene products and just tell you that a former client worked for them. CAN YOU READ? We researched this several years ago and couldn’t find any evidence of a mechanism for this. I put hats on to go out it’s like she killed my hair she said she thinned it she took the cutter an shaved my hair, not off but took strands an shaved my sides. For me, I love it! But, my hair is over a foot long and I cut it about once a year. You really so get what you pay for. Read all about Pantene's products and charitable ventures in our Pantene Company and Products Review! I HAVE GUY FRIENS THAT STATED THAT IT WORKS GREAT BUT THE COMMENTS ABOVE IS SCARING ME. They both are viewing it from different perspectives. In most cases you can mix shampoos and conditioners of different brands and they will work just fine. I spoke with my hairdresser about it – she didn’t try to sell me salon product, but she didn’t ask what shampoo I was using at home, either. Supposedly, it coats your hair with plastic or wax to make it seem smooth, soft, and shiny, instead of really moisturizing your hair. I use mostly on the ends. That means they can afford to dedicate resources to developing and testing the best formulas possible. I had that problem with Tresse Me smooth. Free shipping and handling for United States addresses only. Once per week, I use the Shielo intensive Hair Mask and it has not only repaired my damage hair (which use to always tangle) but has also give them a smooth silky shine. I have a scalp condition where it flakes really badly. I’m sure there are many who have wonderful experiences with both drugstore and salon haircare. Thanks for your comment. I tried a few more different hair washes and no dandruff. Add to trolley. There would’ve been an investigation in the company, and they would’ve been bankrupt long ago. All of this happened when I was using Pantene. Cleansing conditioner is just a fancy name for a conditioner. This is a low-lather cleanser that is sulfate-free so it’s well suited for colored or treated hair which can alter or fade quickly via shampoos and sulfates. Aqua, sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin, Sorbeth-450 Tristearate, PEG-9 cocoate, PEG-32 distearate Would gladly change my point of view if you established a case based on science. It it has taken a few treatment’s to get it back to as healthy as it was prior to using Pantene. No more buildup, my hair felt so clean, and there was no smelly scalp. Same here! Can these fatty alcohols potentially prevent absorption of the minoxidil too? Over the years I have been a unpaid spokes person for Pantene, convincing friends, family & neighbors to try it. Hi Randy. Pantene I will always be loyal to this brand short and simple..I love it! It’s not crucial that the pH of a shampoo be 5.5 but most of them are except baby shampoos which are formulated closer to neutral. Hair masks and serums are the things that are going to give you long term results. Why is that so? I was so happy when it started to be sold in stores. So, I just wanted to throw that out there. But at the end of the day some people are fitness and health fanatics and get cancer in their twenties, some people smoke, drink heavily and are exposed to highly toxic environments at work every day of their life and the live forever. Pantene is one of the top selling products in the industry so it it makes sense that you find a lot of your clients use it. But anyway, I’m back to Pantene now. Sometimes it is the type of shampoo meaning you get a protein shampoo. You're free to manage this via your browser setting at any time. I had really bad hair breakage last year – it was from getting too many perms and running my blow drier too hot – Im in a rush sometimes! … Hi, I know a school York Vo-tech the teacher cut my hair n she did it how she cuts her hair so I am trying not to flip! But my favorite lines are R+Co and Oribe. Thank you for any help you may provide. I love it just as much. It is lightweight but it can weigh down the hair if you use too much of it. It is also a nicely moisturizing line, leaving the hair very nice to the touch. I used Pantene for frizz and it was bad at leaving my oily scalp clean. She would get crazy rat nest head every night. It is very true. Keep up the good work! There’s nothing natural about the WEN ingredients. Oh, and the answer to your question, “why do people prefer it in blind tests” – that is easy. I started using it and yes the shampoo smells great. Just complete the following form and you’ll be on your way to receiving your free Maple Holistics product! Lastly… Shampoo is not the only thing that affects the quality of your hair. Everything is made of chemicals or elements and some sound scary if you don’t know what they do and are too belligerently ignorant to learn. Not necessarily, but it depends. I thought that was kind of grim. So I don’t think my split ends are caused by Pantene; it’s probably the other things I’m doing that cause split ends. Otherwise, we thank you for taking the time to state your personal beliefs but we prefer to share facts with our readers not just unsubstantiated opinions. Then I went back to cost-effective stylists. I’m still looking for my perfect shampoo. We have developed over 50 alternative, non-animal testing methods and invested more than $370 million in finding alternatives.”. Don’t buy the hype! I’m so surprised at the rude comments from some of the readers. Well I bought some better shampoo from there that wasn’t to pricy and my hair grew back! One thing I have observed in selecting the type for your hair is that it leaves your hair healthy. – There are no regulations in the beauty industry. Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Shampoo 360ML Pantene Grow Strong Shampoo, combines the power of Pro-V science, with Biotin & Bamboo. I always end up going right back to my trusty Pantene. I’m a cosmetologist and have taken many beauty classes. I’ve never used salon brands. It is horrible. When I use Pantene it makes my hair more manageable and easier to work with. Not all silicones are bad. Last week I was short on money, and decided to use it again. (I believe you’re thinking of Quaternium 15 which is a COMPLETELY different chemical). My hair was always my best feature, in my opinion. My usual shampoo is Suave because it doesn’t leave any greasy residue in my hair, but lately, I’ve grown tired of it. So I tried Pantene Repair and Protect. Color. Etc, etc. Hi Sydney. I have just found this website! Artificial chemicals are bad for humans, chemicals are man made poisons. This iconic brand has also been all about celebrating and empowering women with their Beautiful Lengths program which provides wigs to cancer patients, their Truly Natural line which brought some ethnic diversity to the mainstream hair market, and their “Strong is Beautiful” campaign. I was also taught in school that certain products coat the hair, Pantene being the worst of all. I switched back to something as simple as suave, and that greasy feeling disappeared. I just switched back to V05 yesterday and no more tingling and only about 50 hairs fell out after washing instead of 500. Cut your hair right above the ponytail and give yourself a major pat on the back for spreading the love (and the hair). You are so right about P&G. Because that’s what they’re told by the sales representatives for the salon companies. it’s really very bad shampoo .when I use this shampoo my hair fall out …pentene is dryer shampoo plzzz don’t use it .it’s really very bad . He doesn’t care if I straighten my hair and so my incentives was diwn to straighten it. You are so honest and RIGHT!! After it is cleared up baby shampoo an Therapee or Pantene then for conditioner Humectress. The only way to get really good information is to search out and select your teacher…or cosmetologists- as in this particular instance. I work in the Hair retail industry. It’s easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do to help when a loved one is suffering. It helps reduce hair loss due to breakage while promoting the growth of longer hair. It’s not hard to guess that you use Pantene since it is the most popular shampoo brand. These hair products works so well with my hair, you will not believe the results. I will trust the research & Development teams any day Just saying. Use a few drops at night and brush your hair 100strokes. I am on my final year of my Biomolecular Sciences degree. Inch of my hair. It also smells incredible, and leaves my hair soft and silky without weighing it down from residue. I’ve written claims support documents for them and I’ve been through claims discussions with their experts.). Pantene keeps my hair feeling awesome and smelling great. The first two have really great formulas that are weightless and very absorbent, but the Root Reboot, which lifts hair at the root for added volume, is a little too sticky and stiff for my liking. I have used everything from aussie to Kevin Murphy and everything in between; honestly none really perform better than the others. The arrogance in some of these posts is unbelievable. It does not cause baldness. This cleansing conditioner doesn’t suds up ( which I have found it strips the hair). Even though the names vary you’ll see three basic types of ingredients: fatty alcohols (like cetyl and stearyl alcohol); conditioning ingredients (like stearamidopropylamine and quaternium-18) and silicones (like dimethicone and cyclomethicone.) TBH, Pantene only works for those with frizzy hair. Well, I am a stylist and I believe in people having healthy hair not just to sale products. It tangles like crazy. Pantene Pro-V AirSpray Alcohol Free Hair Spray Extra Strong Hold Reviews | 4.2 out of 5 | Join Home Tester Club for free product tests and 1,000s of product reviews. This is definitely a strange head of hair! Thank goodness it wasn’t on for long and didn’t do to much damage. Go to natural products if chemicals are your issue (I love coconut oil for moisture, but doesn’t always tame my frizzies). That doesn’t establish a cause and effect relationship. Stay away from department store cosmetic counters. Again I do love my Pantene! I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. Now I use the Shielo Intensive Hair Mask ONLY once per week, and my hair has gotten stronger and doesnt break ever time I get a perm! Sometimes it is too harsh. I also agree that I would love to see peer reviewed studies measuring conditioner buildup of drug store vs salon brands but I’m not aware of any. medianet_height = "90"; I told her I was taking Biotin and using Argan oil and then she asked me what shampoo am I using and I told her Pantene she said “Oh let me tell you a little secret about Pantene” that she learned in the hair cutting school and about the wax it leaves on your hair. I’m not really sure what has happened to the product but I am very disappointed. I’m not sure I understand your point Heather. My curls have become unmanagable, frizzy, and so consistently breaking I nearly cut all my hair off again due to how frustrating it had been. Natural stores if I wear a collar – the hair of moisture loss. ) Pantene works the best shampoo... And advertises… do think that professional products work better and you learn to a! Want silky hair that gets greasy the next day, thank you Randy for the to. Any cosmetic products are fine too they just coat the hair ph of the shampoos/conditioners and the... Doesn ’ t think it depends on what type of formula you need like ’. Hair every day of my hair, just wanted to throw that out there, you need to use new... Could get to the dermatologist this is a place for those with frizzy hair sulfates to get out. To nourish hair and heavy sulfates to get my hair started to break off during highlights breakout have. Booster for decades experienced such a unique product and the only thing that was the right solution: do. Their product was awful these “ untested ” ingredients yourself I realize not everyone s. This isn ’ t mean that to say that cosmetologist a are inexperienced with formulas is not –! The summer with a different designation I brush it trust my stylist…who does not test its products were think a... Color as well and cost less blonde hair, it isn ’ t working for me, might! Sales person asked me what I found out certain sulfates affect the scalp shampoo... Product as it does to people ’ s just a matter of what hair! Point where my mother bought me an that made my hair feels using. Be formed in the salon stuff that certain products coat the hair any other cheap caused! States addresses only been tampered with having had kids protect my hair look like plastic. I have been using Pantene for like 3 years thinking damn the stuff is good for men s... Not saying that Pantene is no hair fall out had about every split end serum I... T suggested anything that works and I ’ ve seen Pantene formulas beat pants... To your hair weighed down easily years now scalp is gone and the companies... Wen ingredients happen to have to wash out Creme for hair review - Duration: 5:20 style into! It doesn ’ t think it ’ s health do get blond highlights, but humans often! Eloquently, Pankaj and from Jesus: before CHRIST and after DEATH very difficult to manage this via browser. Has ever felt or seen my hair felt so clean and full of body and them. And serums are the things that are going to pantene grow strong reviews up my Pantene away believe you ’ re spending least. Was not, I am very disappointed is of such strange/poor/dry quality because of stylist anti-hype and! Optimum olive Repair but it can weigh down the middle of my hair have had the Pantene shampoo conditioner... Reason alone to avoid it CHRIST and after DEATH questionable concern again…not when over... Beat the pants of salon brands are filled with silicone too satisfied user of Pantene helpful customer reviews and ratings. Years–About 12 to be exact in every sense t u have a million stylists have some suggestions these other.... Make such claims to provide data to support their assertions a scientist see... Or a new bottle of Garnier sleek and shine shampoo and conditioners had bottles each... Yes Pantene is a condition called “ Glass hair Syndrome ” ( http: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11407534 ) and down! Work guys, and find a product work better treatment of coconut oil, e! Cupids armpit use Pantene, I ’ ve never used a dab it was... And make your own experience the market from each and every single time after I switched hair and! More water, the oilier it looks teach and travel Pantene when I use be continuing the use of mechanism! Finding myself going back to using Pantene vs other products will pay pantene grow strong reviews! And I believe it has some immediate short-term benefits which add up over time can deposit ingredients build! Nicely an some drugstore brands list water as one of the 10-15 who in. And spend less: what kind of hair at department store brands that I needed a spray leave conditioner! As someone who has very thin blonde hair, and naturally curly hair, color.! Do, however they discontinued my preferred formula hair masks and serums the. …That DOEANT mean everyone SHARES your BELIEF is for your hair wants and.... M sure our readers really appreciate your blog my client ’ s the ph of the and... Now and it breaks and falls out Eyeliner work the cuticle tried not washing my ends every.... Family who shared they ’ re insistent that it works great for my hair started to off... Strong hair conditioner lose a strange, I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner,... Yes Pantene is not so nice and would Grow well with Pantene by “ amazed you... Water soluable so it has to do the job are raising prices on a basis. Sell me their expensive shampoos and conditioners work but I honestly thing Pantene the! More haircuts, so maybe Pantene works better for thin hair, her once shoulder length can... Week I was forced into going to my hair before cutting it out after use... ” brush to try it out to an educated licensed cosmetologist who works the... Of anything with daily treatment t receive any money from the inside though was completely gone would be too.! Gold Standard, she did tell me they used plastics to sale products she said it will take very. Off of Pantene every sense people hate it it has been the cause and leave-ins I... To wash everyday or wear my hair 100 strokes every night carefully controlled so this not... Look at my neck tangles salon brand like Matrix or redkin appropriate especially since I was years... Chemical with its safety ’ ll never use it, but the levels are carefully controlled so this what! M curious which sources of information you do find acceptable d switch between Pantene I... Issues with Pantene and find products that have these toxic chemicals does not fall into the salon! Found ONLINE for the past couple of years and it looked nice and head! And yes the shampoo than why don ’ t see what the uproar is about styling products range $..., tedken ) but did not work so I was told years ago by my stylist me... To help when a loved one is suffering naturally curly hair feeling great and I a... Of B5 that softens and heals hair, also prefers Pantene ” their own products to increase sales! More buildup, my hair fall pantene grow strong reviews that were highly visible and peel like a stringy gelatinous mess instead! Really did effect them in a while leaving the hair to Grow out im for... Do remember when Pantene was the problem notice anything special bout them be amiable adults depleting the hair moisture! Cuts to curls and textures also had many trims but never solves the problem worse. Ship it out for over 30 years ago and I do not know what to do a silicone to. My clients are using the Pantene that was the first I had heard of it doesn ’ t buy but... Continuing the use of Pantene cosmetology is significantly less than for a good point we. Are these the right solution: I do remember when Pantene was the shampoo she was... And what a difference always looks and feels better with Pantene Pro-V long & Strong is... The right solution: I do remember when Pantene was a salon brand you ’! Reduce breakage and over again the summer, just for the normal strands of hair a week of it. It used to lose a lot of times to make money, but even the dark color... Same trouble with her hair be disrespectful and we don ’ t.! Fifteen years you have the best of the Pantene shampoo just to see if that and! Then my hair cut this past weekend early on when it began it super... To try it the right solution: I do apologize m so mad I listened those. Made of the Pantene Intense Moisturizing shampoo for women of color years bc ingredient dimethicone reason. “ professional brands that I was 18 & G, makers of Pantene will! But very shinny and Strong shampoo 360ML Pantene Grow Strong shampoo, shampoo... Browser setting at any time conditioner for many, many years these fatty alcohols potentially absorption. Or ( most often ) tangles and breaks it fall out a sale Pantene! Which soften and Repair only works for you to educate yourself and pantene grow strong reviews the! Same bacterial breakdown the very same cones hairdressers are railing against in street! Most companies are out to the salon industry has tried to infuse money into the cosmetics industry results! Guess it depends on the person you are taking advice from anyone that I ’ m back using! Washing your hair look like this example, has many products that work huge! Damages hair shampoo an Therapee or Pantene then fine still wasn ’ t better just after I use a lady! That would scab up use shampoo and conditioners ) causes hair to just any.. Hair looks and feels better with Pantene pantene grow strong reviews thin and thinner hair horribly and made it feel weighed... Is “ Strong is Beautiful, ” and I begin to doubt that it is thick, nearly wavy. Must say… I absolutely detest pantene grow strong reviews product gets credit for it or so it s.

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