Episode 30: Doctor Dan explains the average MCAT for allopathic matriculates in the United States.

The Average MCAT

In 2010, the Association of American Medical Colleges (no affiliation) reported the following numbers from the entering class of allopathic medical students:

Mean Total MCAT Score = 31.1, with a standard deviation of 4.1


average mcat

Reviewing our MCAT average graph, this means that 15.9% of the 2010 entering class scored at or under 27.

MCAT Verbal Reasoning Scores

2010 average was 9.9

MCAT Biology Scores

2010 average was 10.8

MCAT Physics Scores

2010 average was 10.4

MCAT Writing Sample Scores

In 2010, a score of R was in the 75th percentile, Q was median, and a score of N was in the 25th percentile.