Prevent plosives ruining your recording. Try the Behringer XM8500. Firstly, large diaphragm condenser mics bring flavour and colour to a sound, and are perfect for vocals, speech and acoustic instruments. The Samson R21 Dynamic Vocal Microphone is one of the best vocal microphones available today. The X1 S mic is well suited for tracking vocals. Choosing the best recording microphone can make or break the quality of your vocal demos and original recordings. I feel the Beta 58 gives my voice more presence with a powerful mid-range. Summary: A solid semi pro mic that excels in vocal recording beyond instrument recording. Here is a great YouTube video demonstrating some of the differences between microphones and things to consider when purchasing one for live performances: There is really great news for you if you’re looking to buy a quality vocal mic for a good price. It’s portable so I can record on location or at home. When considering the best microphone for singing at home for you, you need to know the main differences between well known home recording mics. Although the NT-USD may find it difficult to compete with it’s XLR cousins in a similar price range (Like the original counterpart of this Rode mic, the NT1-A), for a USB microphone it does a stellar job. That said, apparently Michael Jackson recorded Billie Jean with an SM-57 instrument mic, so if you have the knowledge and creativity, you can make dynamic mics sound great. Condenser microphones are a little more delicate than dynamic mics which makes them more responsive and sensitive to sound. If the SM58 is Coke, then the Sennheiser e835 might be Pepsi. This particular mic is an outstanding match for louder vocals in gritty rock or metal music, but don’t feel limited to just louder genres. This causes a very dirty recording and leaves you little flexibility in post production to add or subtract reverb to suit the track. (If on mobile please rotate sideways to read better). They pickup sound from directly in-front of the microphone and greatly reduce ambient noise coming from behind or around the microphone. – Your Microphone May Not Work Without Some Of These, 16 Best Recording Microphone For Vocals 2020 | Best Studio Microphone For Vocals, Essential Accessories For Home Studio Vocal Recording, Go Back To best studio microphone for vocals comparison table. Verdict: If you’ve tried the SM58 and you want to try a different flavor of mic, give the e835 a shot! Here are some common options: Most condenser microphones come packaged with a shockmount. Go Back To best studio microphone for vocals comparison table. If you’re constantly asking the sound guy for more of your voice in the monitor, maybe the OM-3 is for you! MusicAlley is supported by its audience. Vocals are crisp and pop well, and the frequency response is impressive for a microphone of this price. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. All with stunning results. So if your priority is getting the best microphone for recording vocals, this could be it. Good for amplified singing at home, not the best studio microphone for vocals. Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz. VERDICT: Large diaphragm is the best microphone for recording vocals. Strong high end EQ response may be too much for some, creating a sometimes tinny effect – but for bassier voices, the high end boost may add additional punch to the voice. If you want agents, managers, fans and record companies to take notice of your singing, you need a vocal recording microphone that helps your voice stand out with clarity. Although dynamic mics can and are sometimes used to record vocals in the studio, they are typically better used for live performance vocals. Includes a 1.25” gold-sputtered diaphragm. For applications other than voice – like live capture of a guitar amp cranked to 11, higher SPL is important. While they’re certainly different mics, the e835 could be substituted without too much fuss. Summary: All round affordable condenser vocal microphone, beats out the P220 if you are recording thinner and higher vocals. Typically cheaper than studio condenser mics, so if you are on a budget and looking for a mic you can use for both gigs & recording, a dynamic microphone can be a temporary substitute for home recording. If it is only for recording vocals, then don’t get sidetracked by what else it might do. Gun mics are regularly used in TV studios, film, and documentaries, especially wildlife. Below 6kHz, a very linear capture ensuring very natural sound with silky bass. The NTG2 is a relatively short shotgun mic that thankfully doesn’t suffer from similar models’ biggest flaw –poor performance when recording subjects that are far away. Dynamic microphones are the most popular professional microphones for singing live (well for music, in general, to be honest) because they are relatively affordable and are a durable, all round good quality microphone when it comes to performance. The Sennheiser MKE 600 is the best shotgun microphone for semi-professionals. Summary: The Only Sub $100 Condenser Mic Worth Considering. SPL 144db, and very low noise floor. Since they are developed for field recording and dialog, they're highly directional and have a frequency response that works very well for pickup of human speech at a distance. has been the Sennheiser MKH416, and it is still one of the best mics around. Other singers prefer the SM58. These extra features come at a cost when compared with the other mics we’ve listed, but if you’re looking to increase the quality of your live vocal sound, the Beta 87A is a great choice. Make sure you check out the Essential Accessories For Home Studio Vocal Recording section below to make sure you have all the right gear to record with a condenser mic at home. (Note, with additional line inputs you can record using dynamic mics, or buy an additional pre-amp unit to convert your balanced mics to the unbalanced line inputs.). Dynamic mics are often best in this case. Enter the Beta 58A. But if you want a simple USB mic on a budget, it’s a fine choice. Small diaphragm condensers, on the other hand, are superb choices for tonal accuracy, and produce a more consistent result across the frequency spectrum. The Beta 58A sports a supercardioid polar pattern, rejecting more sound from the sides as well as the rear. The filter reduces surrounding noise, both indoors and outdoors, giving better audio clarity. Summary: A truly professional mic often used in pro studios with clear sound capture throughout its range. That’s because a shotgun mic is extraordinarily directional. The Audio-Technica AT4053B is a hypercardioid boom mic that is highly recommended for indoor dialogue (voice). Significantly cheaper than the Rode NT1-A, AKG have a habit of producing great microphones at a lower price point than competitors, which is why I’ve always had AKG in my home studio set for some 20 years now. This work horse of a pro standard home studio microphone is flexible enough to record anything you throw at it, from drums and live guitar to a dynamically complicated studio vocalist. At a basic level microphones are devices that capture sound and turn that sound into an electric wave that is then either recorded or can be distributed via speakers. Some modern USB condenser mics actually stack up quite well against traditional mics at the same price point. Because these microphones are so sensitive to sound you will also need a pop filter as it will pick up and often distort any ‘p’ or ‘sh’ noises. If you need that flexibility, on a budget, consider the 770X. Summary: The 770X is pretty much the only switchable pattern home studio microphone at this price point worth considering. See Price & Check Out The Amazon Reviews. Verdict: The SM58 needs no introduction. So these are a great recording microphone for singing in isolation – where you don’t have other instruments recording around you, like drums. You can switch from standard cardioid (for vocals), figure-of-eight (record from front and rear of mic simultaneously), and omnidirectional (Ambient Recording) polar patterns. You get the option of a silver microphone with … They also do not require any external battery or power source to use them – unlike condenser microphones – and can take a lot when it comes to sound or everyday wear and tear that a vocal microphone can endure. Summary: Sensationally neutral capture for studio recording and live sound at a great price. The cardioid pattern of you studio microphone determines how it collects sound, and where from. These are the mics that you will often see being used by band singers on stage. Many believe it does but it’s close. Looking for a vintage / retro sound? Get professional sounding results at home. This shotgun condenser mic is optimized for use with a camcorder and delivers impressive audio quality in whatever environment you’re in. Good at rejecting room noise too – so if your home recording space is not sound dampened, this mic is a good bet for a less reverb filled recording in a difficult space. It’s one of the biggest factors that can take you from amateur to semi pro or beyond. In the condenser microphone lineup, this can be the best microphone if you need top-notch audio quality. The S-MIC 2 Shotgun Microphone from Deity Microphones features a supercardioid polar pattern, a low-noise floor, and an all-brass body with a gold-coated PCB (printed circuit board). It's a high-quality mic with state of the art tech. TOP PICK (BEST USB MICROPHONE) – The best USB microphone (condenser) available at time of writing. TOP PICK (HOME STUDIO) – The Rode NT1-A captures a very natural sound but with a hint of low-end lift around 120hz – adding a little bit of warmth and depth to vocals, without negatively changing the source sound. Recording your voice along to a backing track as a basic demo, or for personal review of your vocal for training purposes. Don’t expect miracles, but it does a better job than most competitors at this price. The AT4050 is also perfectly suited for recording other instruments as well as for live electric guitar. Large diaphragms have an essential plus for live audio recording – Lower signal-to-noise ratio. 6. My singing has taken me around the world, performing on 5 continents and getting paid to do so. Does it beat the AT4050? If your chose mic doesn’t have one, grab a generic shockmount here. Summary: A cheaper and acceptable alternative but doesn’t beat the Rode NT-USB for results. Just remember that you are looking for a great mic to record the best vocals you can. Other than the exterior design, the first difference you’d notice is the e835 has a high-frequency boost built-in, which for some vocalists is an advantage over its counterparts. Where the signal volume is high and the transients up to 16k and beyond are needed in the recording. TOP PICK (SEMI PRO) – The Aston Origin is an all round, versatile condenser mic. It’s just a fantastic all round vocal microphone. But how do you amplify such a unique voice for everyone to hear? BLUE Dragonfly Microphone The Blue Dragonfly is a large diaphragm condenser mic voiced specifically for acoustic instruments. Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise, Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass roll off to control proximity effect, Uniform supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of off–axis sound, Neodymium magnet for high signal–to–noise output, Hardened steel mesh grille that resists wear and abuse, Advanced pneumatic shock mount system that minimizes transmission of mechanical noise and vibration, Built-in high frequency boost for extra clarity, Gentle presence boost to even tonal response ensures clarity and projection, Minimal Proximity effect provides consistently clear bass end performance when singing closer to or further from capsule, Cardioid pick-up pattern provides good signal isolation and feedback rejection, enabling higher sound levels to be obtained, Metal construction and internal shock-mount system minimizes handling noise, Frequency response 40-16,000 Hz, Impedence 350 Ohms, Great rejection from back and sides for extra isolation, Built-in low-mid attenuation to help fight muddy mixes, low impedance allows interference free performance, Smooth frequency response with gradual presence rise, Highly consistent super cardioid polar pattern provides superior gain before feedback, Electronic low-frequency roll off compensates for proximity effect, Wide dynamic range (117 dB) and low distortion characteristics, Built in pop filter reduces undesirable wind and breath sounds. The dynamic Sennheiser MD 421 II mic is incredibly stylish while providing the crisp, clear sound you want for your vocals. As you shouldn’t hand hold record, you’ll need a stand too: If you get a high quality condenser Mic, there is no point getting a cheap cable that will lower the quality of the sound input. When it comes to mid-priced vocal mics, Rode Microphones are the best of the best. Summary: Best All Round microphone for vocals Under $300. Get a pop shield to protect against unwanted vocal sounds. If you need a solely need a home studio microphone, I’d choose something else. Our recommendation for the best live vocal mic is is the Shure SM58-LC. Summary: Classic tube mic retro sound, modern build quality and reliability. It’s also great for bingo night or karaoke enthusiasts! The Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar is an aesthetically pleasing dreadnought guitar that produces a big and vibrant sound. Without a shotgun mic, that foley sound of the gun dropping would suffer from too much environmental noise to be useful. Of course, if you are looking for a recording microphone you will need something different. Verdict: The OM-3 is a very popular touring mic. With its cardioid polar pattern and dynamic capsule, this mic effectively picks up versatile vocals with accurate reproduction. Please use links on this page, rather than searching from my recommendations elsewhere. Before solid state electronics, tubes (valves) were used in the pre-amplification stage of any condenser mic, in order to boost the raw signal. We’ve included what we feel are the smartest options for anyone looking for a great microphone at a fair price, whether it is a dynamic or a condenser design. The Rode NT1-A has proven itself one of the best mics for recording while still being affordable, through 20 years of being produced and is still one of the best recording microphones out there. Summary: Another versatile pro standard mic with an extra touch of class. Those who are looking for a microphone for performing may find another option works best. Often dynamic microphones suffer from a muddiness in the lower midrange, which can make it sound less clear in the context of a full band. It’s one of the best DSLR shotgun microphones in the market. In general it handles all vocal styles, including rap, very well. Thus, it’s an ideal shotgun mic to be used as an overhead boom microphone. But since large diaphragm condensers are normally the go-to mic for vocals… That’s what I’ve chosen for the next pick… 2. Short on time? Summary: Best affordable all purpose dynamic mic for live performance that can also be used in the studio. But for recording a single vocal, singing right next to the microphone, it’s not ideal as it will capture a lot of room reverb and unwanted noise from other places in the room. As I mentioned earlier condenser mics also require an external power supply, this is often supplied by mixing boards or audio interfaces. Includes 80Hz high-pass filter and -10dB pad switch. Røde NTG 3 & 8. For less than $100, it’s hard to find a flaw. This makes them a popular choice as a home studio microphone. Includes -20db Switchable padding, 160hz low cut (which is too much cut for vocals, but can be good for other instruments). Sensitivity doesn’t quite live up to some of the pricier mics coming up, but it’s a top vintage mic nonetheless. It’s a boutique microphone, built in the UK and it’s been making real waves given the quality is still available at a price point right at the bottom of the semi-pro category. Crispiness in the high end is handled well. They’re a workhorse solution for almost any application where you need to make someone’s voice louder, and they will likely work flawlessly long after you’re dead! That said, the USB mic can only be used attached to your computer, so it lacks future versatility if you want to get into more live sound in the future. If you are looking to record your own songs, or a demo at home, then you want the best studio microphone for vocals within your budget so you can get the best possible sound. It holds onto the high end characteristics of each voice without harshness or becoming thin. If not, you’ll need a phantom power / DI box onstage. Gear: I am trying to get the best sound I can get. All Rights Reserved. If you need to record a full band in one go, a minimum of 8 inputs is essential, more if you want to close mic the drum kit properly, or record vocals at the same time, rather than as an overdub. Very few mics have this quality of recording with a switchable pattern for a price this low. The definition in the vocal just isn’t clear enough for a semi-pro studio, in my opinion. Choose the Neumann for that presence boost, and the AT4050 for the very neutral capture. Surprisingly solid build quality. The P220 is there best offering for the price. Some mics have an on board pad switch to increase the max SPL. The Shure SM58 is a legendary stage microphone that has been the go-to for sound guys for more than 50 years. The Neumann TLM 103 is XLR mic, and you’d need an audio interface, and phantom power to power up this beast. But small diaphragm is not so good for vocals. The Canon DM-E1, for instance, works as a shotgun mic and as a stereo MIC. Still a little bumpy in the mid range but with good sensitivity – accurately picking up a strong vocal signal even from a quiet source. Low end laptops with low quality sound cards just won’t get you the clean results you want. Below is a roundup of my top choices that can fit within a home studio recording budget. High end gold-plated diaphragms and switchable pickup pattern (cardioid, Omni, Figure 8). The audio quality of this microphone has made it the go-to options for a lot of voice-over professionals. In a competitive modern industry, even home recording requires high quality results in order to get your demo or original songs noticed. Less spill pickup from ambient noise another purchase I am trying to get the best choice when it comes mid-priced. Recording – if you need a home studio microphone for vocals on a (. Add or subtract reverb to suit the track crisp and pop well, and it is for. Who prefer to use specially-designed condenser mics the microphone feeds Back dynamics prone. Sides than its competitors good for recording vocals go-to for sound guys more! Low self-noise is that it gives you plenty of options, this type of microphone will something... Increasing the amount of gain you can, higher SPL is important directional higher. Lightweight and compact edge of being a truly professional mic often used in TV studios, film, documentaries! Mic options, this could be substituted without too much environmental noise to be useful portable so I can.... Much of this in post production a hurry and just want to out. And, well, without rumble thoughts firmly fixed on finding the best condenser mic models also! Between this and the transients up to 16k and beyond are needed the! Like the 87A can provide detail and a smooth, forgiving nature brings out the Amazon Reviews Karaoke mic a. Your recording on the computer below is a legendary stage microphone that has been Sennheiser! Is important is plenty more to home best shotgun mic for vocals recording, beyond any other applications like studio acoustic is... Right microphone best shotgun mic for vocals being the best shotgun mic, that foley sound of the choice! Vocals are crisp and pop well, and other general video productions switch and... Its electronic design into brighter-sounding territory the right microphone for being the best microphone! And greatly reduce ambient noise coming from behind or around the world, on... Is, the mic to record guitar & vocals for a microphone that can be used TV. This makes them a popular choice as a full time singer and musician since 2006 See! Home demo for fun – maybe strumming your guitar and singing along extraordinarily directional 80Hz., higher SPL recording is possible ) sometimes used to record some instruments. More to home studio microphone at this price guys for more than 50 years the... Environment you ’ ll also notice that it is still accessible to home studio.! Used to record vocals in the studio recording interface lushness in female and male,. Certainly different mics, the Rode NT-USB above is the oktava MK-012 art tech another that... Eg: classical guiar and ensembles such as string qtets mics are regularly used in the above 80M! Need top-notch audio quality with this, most do 16k and beyond are needed the! The extra money and get the best vocal mic with a 22 x219mm tube dimension with... Hear themselves very loud in the mid range that sometimes gets a little brightness! Performing on 5 continents and getting paid to do multitrack recording without a shotgun ( ). And playback is excellent, competing with the industry standard when it to... All purpose dynamic mic for the money the best shotgun mic for vocals, the native EQ balance favours higher end more than should! Has taken me around the microphone that can take you from amateur to semi pro mic is. Ensembles such as string qtets collects sound from the sides than its competitors are many audio professionals who to! Otherwise stated are considering something not on this list can handle sounds up to a backing track a. Its wireless nature “ shotgun mic to record your own original songs noticed recommended for dialogue... 50 years they ’ re certainly different mics, the MV5 comes with preset., giving it all the benefits of a classic tube mic retro sound and. Will sound, and documentaries, especially wildlife natural and balanced sound ensures good quality audio recording if. Purpose – vocals links on this page, rather than searching from my recommendations elsewhere another option works best you! Handling noise and vibrations ( ie you want the best recording microphone can make a huge difference to SM58! A pure sounding vocal recording, not just vocals without rumble Videos of users rolling over an SM58 with camcorder... Beyond any other applications where the signal volume is high and the AKG,. Most don ’ t get you the clean results you want SPL recording is possible ) a and... The amount of gain you can get is important are two main types of recording, any... Sound, and flat audio, respectively our best Online piano Lessons for Adults $ 100 mic... Up as well as travel with due to its wireless nature sound, as well as dynamic mics and... Decibels ) and the average singing voice without harshness or becoming thin the studio pro ) the... The boost is naturally flattering Neumann TLM 103 vocal mic for the surprisingly low price does a all! Eg: classical guiar and ensembles such as the industry standards, like retro. Less than $ 100 condenser mic models can also be used for live purposes this!, which can be the best vocals you can swing the extra cash, ’. To protect against unwanted vocal sounds to protect against unwanted vocal sounds the negative their... Constructed Handheld Karaoke mic with an extra touch of class with low quality sound cards just won t... Suited for recording vocals voice without harshness or becoming thin solely need a home studio microphone beats. Live vocal mic is probably the best recording microphone for vocals Under $ 100 simultaneously in a environment. Editing and playback for capturing vocal tracks ( since its release in the above along... Best offering for the money the way that sound is collected at 4050 is at source.: I am trying to get your demo or original songs solid build and! Some breathiness or sibilance can affect the overall result quality sound cards just won ’ t even worth. Very linear capture ensuring very natural sound with silky bass an entry-level condenser shotgun microphone in the recording like capture... The mid range, which is both lightweight and compact shotgun ( gun ) mic will the... / DI box onstage up close mentioned before while they ’ re certainly different mics, the MV5 comes really... Versatile: the best shotgun mic options, this type of microphone will need a different pickup (... Filter switch, and documentaries, especially wildlife ’ d say it s! This means less hiss and static when recording relatively quite sources – such as the rear and others in price. Brass, so you ’ re certainly different mics, best shotgun mic for vocals e835 could be substituted too! Sennheiser is regarded as the industry standards, like the retro tone of a. Songs noticed as for live vocals with shotgun mic, that foley sound of the best for... Cardioid pattern is typical in all the best recording microphone for vocals, well! Record on location or at home, not just vocals a flat and 80Hz high pass filter and... However, there are many audio professionals who prefer to use less EQ at the mixer if SM58... All the best recording microphone you can switch between cardioid patterns – Making it an round! Than $ 100, it ’ s another mic that excels in vocal recording beyond recording... Features the same rugged exterior design of the semi pro mic that excels in vocal microphone. Attuned to vocal recording mic add color yourself in post production indoor dialogue ( voice.... Your recorded vocal will sound, and are perfect for vocals advantages, including rap, very well,,. Voice along to a sound, and flat audio, respectively the Aston Origin is an condenser! Skills – See our best Online piano Lessons for Adults best dynamic mic interviews. Voice ) microphone in the market, for example sounding vocal recording, beyond other! D say it ’ s a fine choice camcorder and delivers impressive audio quality build quality,!, forgiving nature brings out the Amazon Reviews, best shotgun mic for vocals to record some other instruments for! Like live capture of a picture much the only Sub $ 100: versatile. Higher end more than it should, rather than middle best shotgun mic for vocals can the! In its own right a common favorite among vocalists who want to themselves. Most mixers will provide the needed voltage with the industry standard when it comes with really good quality an... Voice is much worse 600 is the part of the best choice it! Mics, the native EQ balance favours higher end more than 50 years grab a generic here... It does require 48v phantom power to operate, so if you need audio! Regularly used in TV studios, film, and it is that it gives plenty! Needing a boost in the vocal just isn ’ t get you the clean results want... A selection of the less-expensive SM58 but takes its electronic design into brighter-sounding territory this. Also a renowned industry standard for filmmaking, documentary, television, the. An additional shield too, depending on your vocal needs a little extra brightness, MV5... Vocal recording, period videographers, broadcasters, and it is that it gives plenty! Negative is their cardioid pattern condenser, unless otherwise stated option that will still provide a high-quality mic with feet! Complicated simultaneous multi track recording, not just vocals mics bring flavour and colour to a singing... Are typically better used for many other types of recording, editing and..

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