After Florida business owner Rodney Hyden’s livelihood is destroyed by the 2008 financial crisis, he devises a plan to unearth the modern-day treasure chest from its hidden location on a faraway Caribbean shore. This new Netflix documentary follows businessman Rodney Hyden's journey to find a … The first child to leave the nest was oldest son Logan Brown. With Bo Butterworth, Bri Bryant, Andy Culpepper, Arthur Dean. Before the recession, a gentleman by the name of Rodney Hyden was running a successful construction company. «J'étais un peu sceptique», a déclaré Hyden… Rodney is the son of Thomas Warren and Clarkey HYDEN Warren. Rodney is the son of Thomas Warren and Clarkey HYDEN Warren. A new report from Bloomberg claims that YouTube executives, over several years, ignored warnings about the spread of "false, incendiary and toxic content" on the platform. This docu-comedy recreates the hunt for a hidden bag containing $2 million-worth of cocaine. A desperate man goes on a buried treasure hunt for $2 million worth of cocaine. The Legend of Cocaine Island Trailer Quand La légende de l'île de la cocaïne Le réalisateur Theo Love a d'abord contacté Rodney Hyden, un homme d'affaires de la Floride qui avait été arrêté en 2012 pour son implication dans un étrange récit de chasse au trésor, mais Hyden hésitait. Well then The Legend … RELATED: Who Is Rodney Hyden? The story goes that Rodney Hyden, a small business owner from Florida, desperate for salvation after losing his fortune in the recession decides to go on a search for a (possibly) mythical $2 million stash of cocaine buried on an island in the Caribbean. The couple welcomed their first son Bodhi (age 4) … This apparently included specific warnings from employees regarding videos that fell just short of hate speech rules and videos containing conspiracy theories and misinformation. 2. Do you like true crime but worry the stakes are too high? He and his wife and daughter were living a … Directed by Theo Love. Rodney Hyden, riding the wave of success of his Florida construction business, was living the ultimate American dream before the 2007 Recession hit. Wouldn’t you like to hear a crazy story where no one dies, the subjects aren’t grieving families, and you can throw around theories about what really happened without ruining anyone’s life? "Blue Bloods" regular Robert Clohessy's son Myles Clohessy (pictured left) plays the killer.

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